Police had been there before

John “Leroy” Bartlett and his wife Linda were married, with 6 children.

Police say they were familiar with the home. They had been called there several times before because of disputes. According to one report, Bartlett had been charged with violent crimes before- including child abuse.

The children were at the home on Saturday night. Reportedly Bartlett locked his wife Linda in their bedroom. The children have allegedly told police that their mother called to them once from in the bedroom, that is when one of the children went to the home of a neighbor and they called police. The children were also reportedly in the home when shots were fired.

The team that responded to the home found John Bartlett and his wife Linda in their bedroom. Both dead from gunshot wounds. Police say they found three gunshot casings. Linda Bartlett had been shot twice.

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2003 John Bartlett was arrested for domestic violence and that charge was later changed to assault and he was convicted on the charge. He was forced to undergo a psychological evaluation and anger management counseling. Prosecutors say they had received no futher reports on them.


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