The baby

Saturday morning about 9 am neighbors say they heard screams coming from the home. The home was reportedly occupied by Gloria Carter, 34, and her ex-boyfriend (some sources say he is Edward Coldin).

After hearing the screams, some neighbors went to the home and they reportedly saw a struggle between Carter and the ex- boyfriend.

Police and paramedics were called. Reportedly when paramedics arrived they found a 3 week old baby boy lying on the floor beside his father, with a wound on his stomach.

It is alleged that Gloria Carter used a sharp instrument to cut from side to side on the baby’s stomach.

Police say that Carter was still at the scene when they arrived and that she did briefly try to run from them, then “She was kicking them, and she got pushed to the ground and they finally did arrest her.”

The baby was transferred to the hospital where he underwent surgery. He is reported to be in grave condition.

 Police say they have no motive for the crime. They want to talk to the father, to determine more of what happened, but he of course is at the baby’s bedside. Carter is not the baby’s mother and police say they do not know where the mother of the child is. The articles describe Carter as an ex-girlfriend, but some reports indicate that she lived in the home.

Gloria Carter has been arrested on charges of attempted murder. No charges have been filed against the father.                   

3 weeks of life. He was born and was just begining to learn what life was. His life was simple. He slept, he ate, he cried and he eliminated. Simple. Until someone decided to use a “sharp instrument” to cut open his little belly. A belly made for filling and for kisses. Suddenly with a bleeding wound, now he is in a struggle for his life. Three weeks old.

God, please bless this child.


The boy passed away at 4:47 am this morning. He was the child of Edward Colvin, mother unknown.

An autopsy revealed that besides the wounds from a sharp instrument, the baby also had blunt force head trauma, possibly from being thrown down stairs. According to the prosecutor the baby had suffered extensive internal and external trauma.

Gloria Carter’s charge has been upgraded to murder.

Both Colvin and Carter did live in the home. The baby is still unidentified, as is the mother. Police have said the mother did not live in the home.