A Small Black Box

There is no indication of how it was found. But there it was, a little black box on the bottom of a woman’s Jeep. It wasn’t factory installed and it wasn’t always there. And it was unknown what the purpose was.

Police were called. Fearing that the little box might be a bomb, 3 square blocks were evactuated around the Jeep. A shelter was set up to house the evacuated persons.

Two hours of safety precautions and preparation. Then the bomb squad moved in and used a robot to get a look at the device. It wasn’t a bomb. It was a GPS unit.

Police learned the woman was involved in a divorce with her husband. The husband had hired a private investigator and he admitted attaching the GPS device to the vehicle.

abcnews.go.com                                             weartv.com

If an individual did this, it could possibly be called stalking. I am not sure how the fact that it is alleged to have been done by a private investigator would affect that. I did not see any indication that charges were being filed or even considered. But certainly it is likely to cause a lot of embarrassment for getting caught.

Also no indication as to who will be paying for two hours of fear for wife, 3 square blocks of persons evacuated, police department’s and the bomb squad’s time.

Just another “couple’s problem”.

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