Just dumb luck

Reportedly, Brad J. Senter and Dena Senter were separated and living apart. Reportedly Dena Senter went to Brad Senter’s home was let in by Brad Senter.

An argument began and Dena Senter was shot. A groundskeeper had a lawnmower out early on the golf course nearby when a woman came “frantically” running out from between two houses just before 8 am. She got to the mower and collapsed.

The worker says that Dena Senter told him she had been shot and that she couldn’t breathe. He called 911 and was giving them information when a man came walking up with his hand in his pocket.  The man allegedly told the worker ‘Hang the phone up right now and start walking ’cause you don’t know what she did to me,'” so he walked away. He got about 100 yards away and 911 called him back. He says the man walked up to Dena Senter and stood looking where she lay curled up on the ground until police  arrived and Senter surrendered.

The groundskeeper said it was just dumb luck that she happened to catch him there, and that thirty seconds later, she wouldn’t have caught him.

Dena Senter was taken to the hospital and hospital officials were not releasing her condition. Reportedly she was shot in the right side of her chest. But it has been reported that she has made some improvment, and she is now expected to live.

Brad Senter, 54, has been charged with assault and battery with intent to kill. Reportedly Senter had been charged with domestic violence in March of 2005 and the charges were dropped in July of that year. No explanation was given for why the charges were dropped.

One article says that Senter’s attorney has said that Senter was waiving a bail hearing, because he felt that jail was the best place for him to be right now. And  “He has had some difficult mental health issues and he has been in some mental facilities,” “I don’t know the circumstances surrounding that yet.” A later article indicates that a judge denied bail.

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Someone left me a comment yesterday reminding me that both child abuse and domestic violence can occur in any home, regardless of financial or social status and I realized I had not mentioned that for a while.

Dena Senter is an educated woman. And it happened to her, as it happens to many other people. Abuse, whether it happens to spouses or children- crosses all financial, social and cultural boundaries. No home is too nice or too poor for it to happen. It does not happen in every home, but it does happen in every kind of home.


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  1. christina said,

    November 23, 2006 at 7:27 pm

    Mrs.Senter was my assistant principle at forestbrook and she was the best me and her were best friends and i always counted on her she is in my prayers god bless her i love u mrs. senter!!!!!!!!!!!

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