“He lost his mother. Now, he’s going to lose his father, too”

Monday morning Kevin Moore, 44, called 911 and reported that he found his wife lying in their driveway. He reportedly said he didn’t know if she was unconscious or breathing.

When police arrived they found Dawn Moore, 43, lying in the driveway near the garage, with blood pooliing around her head. They say they found a cement block like object lying near her, and that she appeared to have died of blunt force trauma. An autopsy revealed that her fingers were deformed and probably broken, and that she had a skull fracture on the left side of her head, an indentation on the back of her head and bruising on the brain.

Kevin Moore reportedly told police that he had gone to bed around midnight the night before. But then he got up around 2 am and put away Halloween decorations. He then drove to the store about 6 am and reportedly video does show him at the store making some purchases around 6:33 am. He then returned to the home and put away boxes. He has told investigators that he was following muddy footprints in the home when he found his wife’s body about 7:40 am. 

Reportedly Moore told police that he knelt down beside his wife before he called 911. That he “knelt down beside her,” “moved a large brick off of her head,” “called her name,” and shook her and after making the call he returned to his wife and knelt beside her again.

Though there appear to be no witnesses to the crime, a witness has stepped forward to say she did hear some screams about 5:30 am, that she heard the words “killing me” in a female voice and heard a male voice, though she did not know what may have been said. And she saw a light on in the Moore’s garage.

Police have said that Moore has been unable to say why he did not see his wife’s body when he left to go to the store or on his return. And that despite his saying that he knelt beside her before and after the 911 call, he had no blood, water or mud stains on the knees of his pants.

And they say they have found blood in the garage, on the floor leading into the dining room, and on the carpet in the dining room. They also report that Kevin Moore had a fresh scratch on his neck, that he said he received in a game of “tickle” with his wife and 4 year son the previous evening. It is believed the child was sleeping during the time of the attack.

Police say they have not had previous contact with the couple. A minister from the church that Dawn Moore sometimes attended has said the family is trying to think of any fears or worries that Dawn Moore may have expressed, but have said they couldn’t think of anything alarming. The couple had been married for about 19 years, and had been childless for 17 years until their son was born. Dawn Moore was a nurse, who has been  described as quiet, pleasant, likable, a hard worker and an unbelievable mother who smiled a lot. Kevin Moore was unemployed and Dawn Moore supported the household.

Kevin Moore has been charged with 1 st degree homicide. At his initial hearing, bail was set at $750,000. Reportedly he requested the courts permission to make phone contact with the person who was caring for his son. The judge ordered that Moore have no contact with his wife’s relatives or their child. Reportedly that is when when Moore said “He lost his mother. Now, he’s going to lose his father, too.”

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Keith Moore pleading not guilty. Moore has told investigators that “he had hidden $10,000 cash in the slot machine in the game room (in their home) and he suspected that whoever killed his wife was after the money in this machine,”  according to the search warrant.



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