Murder or Self Defense

Her name is Donna Cobb. For 10 years she had been married to Kevin Cobb. Together they had 3 children, and between them there were 3 other children who also lived with them. The children ranged in age from 7 to 19, with the 7 year old girls as twins. She was a nurse technician at a hospital.

Reports on their relationship are mixed. At least one neighbor reportedly said “They were just so cuddly,” “Everyone wanted that kind of relationship.” But another neighbor says he sometimes heard “crashing” in the apartment and “They would hit right up against the wall and stuff.” Her attorney says “This is a classic case of a woman who has been abused.” Initial reports say there was no history of complaints of domestic violence, but at least one report says there was one report in 1999. The attorney has said she was “battered and bruised” during the 10 years of their marriage and that it worsened in the last 2 years when her husband became addicted to crack cocaine. Reportedly most neighbors have described Donna Cobb as a decent and caring woman. And they say they didn’t know Kevin Cobb well, though some neighbors describe both as friendly but kept to themselves. A reporter described the apartment building where the couple lived as “dingy”. Yet a neighbor described the apartment in which the 8 member family as “immaculate”.

Reportedly the two wanted some time alone over the weekend so the couple’s children were staying with relatives. Friday night they hosted a “Gameboy party” with some friends. And reportedly after the friends left the couple argued. Then Kevin Cobb left also.

Donna Cobb went to bed in her daughter’s bed. And about 6 am, Kevin Cobb came home. Donna Cobb has told police that Kevin Cobb “jumped” on her in the bed and began beating and choking her. That he was accusing her of sleeping with another man. At 5′ 5″ she would not have been any match for his 6′ 200 pound body, which has been described as muscular. Allegedly she grabbed the first thing that came to her hand, which happened to be a ceramic elephant, less than a foot tall. Allegedly she began hitting Kevin Cobb in the chest with the elephant, multiple times. And that he stepped away from the bed and reportedly started to leave the apartment. Then he collapsed. Donna Cobb was reportedly franic when she called 911 at 6:20 am. Police say she performed CPR on her husband until rescue arrived.

Kevin Cobb was taken to the hospital where Donna Cobb worked, where he later was pronounced dead. Donna Cobb was taken in for questioning.

Police say that while Donna Cobb admitted hitting Kevin Cobb with the pachaderm statute, she denied stabbing him. And they say that Kevin Cobb had a stab wound. Police say they found a small knife in the apartment which they believe was used.

Donna Cobb has been charged with murder. At her arraignment, and despite prosecutor’s protests she was given $20,000 bail. The autopsy was to be done on Sunday.                                    

The stab wound and the knife along with her denial are problems.   The autopsy results are going to be interesting on this one.