The unknown children

He is 6 years old or he is 9 years old. He saw the dispute. In too short a time, he saw his world change, forever. He saw the murder. He saw the suicide. It was left for him to go for help.

This is not one child. It is two children, and two separate incidents……………

In Oct., Cesar Melara, 47, and his wife Angela Stanley Melara, 38, were in a dispute. The sheriff’s office says that Cezar Melara was a soldier at Fort Stewart. And they say he ended the argument by stabbing his wife multiple times. And after killing his wife, he used a gun to shoot himself. The woman’s 9 year old son went to the neighbor’s home for help.

The couple had moved into the home just this year and neighbor’s say they were always doing things together.  The sheriff’s office say they had no previous domestic complaints at the home. 

A later article says the boy was not dealing with it well. His father was coming home from his deployment in Iraq. Neighbors said they did not know the couple well, but they did things together as a family unit.                            

Friday night about 7:45 pm, a 6 year old boy is believed to have been  in a vehicle with his parents Justin Peacock, 26, and 29 year old Angela Welch. Police say it was a murder suicide, but they are declining to say who shot who. Angela Welch was believed to have been in the driver’s seat, and she was found outside the vehicle near the driver’s door.  It is believed she may have fallen out. Justin Peacock was found sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle. Both had been shot and police say it appears to be a murder suicide. The 6 year old boy ran to the neighbors and they called police, as did several others in the neighborhood.

The woman also had a 14 year old daughter who was not present at the time. The two were thought to be a couple, but were not married. The children are now in the custody of the Welch family.                                                                    

It isn’t clear how much the 9 year old boy actually witnessed of the murder/suicide or if he witnessed the aftermath. Either way, both children were witnesses to an event that tragically takes away their world. Both saw their parent or parents. Both had to go for help. While still in the grips of shock and grief, they both had to tell what happened. They both had to answer questions for investigators. They both had to hear that there was no help. They both had to do an adults job.

All the children will now be attending funerals, adjusting to new homes with new rules. They may end up in different schools. They will virtually have new lives. And the memories of their old lives will be tainted with what they saw that day.

All three children will get over the shock, then they will have to deal with a new emotion- grief. Likely their first brush with a close death, and they will have to deal with it without the support and guidance of the person they were closest to….. their mothers.

Children who lose parents have a lot to cope with that adults do not. And somehow, the reason for the dispute just doesn’t seem to have the same importance.

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