More than a year and 24 hours of terror

Robin Sicka and her husband Larry J. Sicka have been separated for more than a year and a half. And she and her family have lived in terror because of Sicka’s alleged threats to kill her. Recently Robin Sicka went to court and requested, and was granted an emergency restraining order. However, she did not file for the 2 year restraining order, because she had fled the area. The couple’s divorce was still pending, and Sicka’s attorney has said that Sicka had been in to see him several days ago, he appeared agitated and convinced that his estranged wife was hiding money from him.

The family home had been sold in March and Sicka remained in it for a time. But he reportedly began having problems paying the rent and was evicted recently. It is said that he after that he was homeless and sleeping in his truck. Reportedly he had been looking for yard work or odd jobs, but was not having any luck finding work.

Thursday about 3:25 pm Robin Sicka’s mother Dolores M. Kahle, 69, was screaming when she called police for assistance. When police arrived they found Henry L. Kahle, 79, dead in the driveway and Dolores Kahle dead in the master bedroom. Sicka had fled the area.

After the shooting (about 5 pm), Sicka reportedly confronted two women and threatened them with a long gun. At least one report has said one of those women was Robin Sicka’s sister. One of the women was thrown to the ground and the other was struck with the barrel of the gun when she attempted to grab it. They were able to escape to a neighbor’s home. They called police and Sicka fled the area. Police searched the neighborhood and nearby wooded areas with no success.

Police were continuing to search for him on Friday checking houses and areas he was known to frequent and homes of his relatives and aquaintances. An aquaintance of Sicka’s saw his vehicle parked at a home, and contacted police.

When police arrived with a search warrant about 11:40 am on Friday, they threw percussion grenades at the home, and stormed the home. The front door was barricaded and Sicka allegedly began shooting. Belleville Police Sgt. Jon Brough was struck in the face. He was taken to the hospital where he underwent 6 hours of surgery, and is reported to be in critical condition. Another officer was slightly injured by flying glass.

About 3:20 pm a muffled shot was heard.  State police tried to make contact with Sicka about 5:35 pm by sending an armored truck to the front of the house and used a loudspeaker, but got no results. About 6 pm a robot was sent to the home and through it were able to see by a remote camera. About  8 pm they entered and found Sicka’s body.                                                                                                                          

Sgt. Jon Brough is a 22 year vetran police officer. He is an union leader and is known to be active in the school anti-drug program, he spoke to them as recently as Thurs. night. He is also served on the board of the local teen center. He is also the father of two sons.

The Kahle’s were a retired couple, Delores had been a secretary and Henry a grain farmer. Henry was on oxygen. “She would do anything for you,” one neighbor said of Delores. And they were not ones to share their troubles. One neighbor knew that Delores had mentioned once that her daughter was in hiding from her estranged husband. And they knew the couple had installed a security system. But they were not aware that anyone was out to do them harm.                              

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