They were apart for years

Reportedly they had been divorced (some articles say estranged) for years. Allegedly there had been domestic violence in the relationship in the past. But there were no police reports until recently.

July 7, Juanita Bashaw (I am also seeing the spelling as Bashau), 45, requested a restraining order against her ex-husband Stephen Bashaw (Bashau), 49, and the court granted the order.

Stephen Bashaw (Bashau) was a disabled veteran, and he had just spent several months in a local veteran’s psychiatric unit. He was released on Wednesday. Reportedly the two had met up on Thursday, but I haven’t seen what the circumstances of the meeting were. Allegedly they did argue at that time, but  according to the district attorney there were no complaints of threats at that time.

Thursday evening Mrs. Bashaw (Bashau) had picked up her grandchild from her son’s girlfriend and she was expected to return the child to the girlfriend’s apartment that evening.

While they were away from the apartment that evening, Stephen Bashaw (Bashau) showed up at the girlfriend’s apartment to see the grandchild. When he was told the child was with Mrs. Bashaw (Bashau) and they were expected back shortly, reportedly all he said was “So I’d better get going.” And he left.

Mrs. Bashaw (Bashau) brought the granddaughter back about 15-20 minutes later and took her to her mother’s apartment. Mrs. Bashaw (Bashau) then went back to her car, and started to get in. Reportedly Bashaw (Bashau) then rammed her vehicle with his truck. Bashaw (Bashau) then allegedly tried to shoot her while the door was open, but she managed to get into the vehicle.  Allegedly Bashaw (Bashau) shot at her again, this time through the window and the bullet struck her in the left temple.  

After shooting Juanita Bashaw (Bashau), Bashaw (Bashau) allegedly went toward the street. The couple’s son had witnessed the attack. He tackled his father attempting to get the gun away from him. Somehow in the melee, Bashaw (Bashau) shot and killed himself with the same sawed off .22 rifle.

Juanita Bashaw (Bashau) has been hospitalized in extremely critical condition. She is the mother of 6 children.         


Juanita Bashaw (or Bashau) passed away on Sunday.

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