Considered Armed and Dangerous

Reportedly Henry L. Jackson, 52, was recently released from prison where he had served 20 years on a murder charge. And after his release he ended up back with his ex-girlfriend Cathy Cappellen, 52, but it may not have been a happy reunion. Reportedly she was trying to end the relationship and was moving to a new address. And she wasn’t telling him where she was moving to.

Allegedly Jackson wasn’t taking that well. Allegedly he had threatened her on Wednesday, and according to Cappellen he may have tried to run her son and her neice down on Wednesday.

Thursday afternoon he met up Cappellen and her son in the parking lot of her apartment complex. Allegedly he began assaulting her. And when her 18 year old (some reports say 15 year old) son attempted to come to her aid, Jackson allegedly stabbed him two or more times. A dog became excited over the dispute and got too close. Jackson allegedly stabbed the dog several times. At some point, Jackson allegedly ran over his ex-girlfriend’s leg or foot and then left the scene before police arrived.

Cathy Cappellen was treated at the scene by paramedics, then released. Her son was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery, he is expected to survive. Condition of the dog is unknown.

Jackson was last seen in a silver 1997 Saturn SL2, 4 door sedan with a broken rear window. Jackson is described as a black male, 5 ft. 8 inches, weight 205-225 lbs. with a shaved head and a mustache. Reportedly police have checked his usual haunts and have not located him. Police say he may be headed for Las Vegas where he has friends. Police do consider him armed and dangerous.                            


Henry Jackson was arrested Fri. afternoon. An acquaintance of his contacted police and told them Jackson was on his way to her house. Allegedly Jackson was under the influence of drugs when he was captured and was almost to the point of overdose. He has been charged with attempted homicide as well as other charges. More info about the murder he had previously served time for. He was convicted in the death of his wife. 

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