Talking to another man

James Rodgers, 47, reportedly walked in on his wife at an inopportune moment. She was allegedly on the phone with another man.

Allegedly Rodgers then grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into the kitchen of the home. There he began stabbing her with  a steak knife, until the knife broke. He than picked up a butcher knife and stabbed her more. He also is alleged to have choked her and hit her in the head. She was stabbed at least 15 times in the neck, abdomen, breasts, and shoulder. 

When the couple’s 3 year old son walked into the room, Rodgers pushed him away and ordered him to go to his room. A witness was reportedly at the scene but was unable to stop the attack. The witness called police. The wife was taken to the hospital and had emergency surgery. She is reported to be in serious condition. 

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