The Hang Up Call

Police received a hang up call on the 911  line on Monday evening. When dispatchers called back, a man told them everything was fine, but there was the sound of a woman screaming in the background. Police responded to the home about 11:30 pm.

They knocked on the door, and got a response. A little 6 year old girl answered and told them her mother had been stabbed.

Police found 25 year old Erica Olson on the kitchen floor, along with 34 year old Christopher Calvin Ellis. Erica Olson was pronounced dead about 12:30 pm and she had multiple stab wounds (at least one report says more than 25 wounds), reportedly she also had defensive wounds. Ellis had also been stabbed. Police believe Ellis’s injuries were self inflicted. After talking with the 6 year old, police concluded this was a domestic violence incident.

The couple had reportedly dated for about a year and they had a baby together age between 4-6 months of age, the 6 year old was the child of a different relationship. Reportedly Erica Olsen was in the early stages of another pregnancy.  

That is what friends and coworkers are remembering about Erica Olsen. She was a mother. She had a bubbly personality, but they say her eyes would really light up when she talked  about her kids. She liked to talk about her children, and show off their pictures. Reportedly there were problems with abuse in the relationship, but Ms. Olsen didn’t complain.

Ms. Olson was the client of a pregnancy center, and they are the ones who are having a memorial for her. “A lot of our clients are grieving, and we just felt like we had to have closure,” “She was one of our clients that we loved.” Allegedly she had talked with personnel at the center about her fear of her boyfriend.

Ellis was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery. He has been reported in stable condition and is under 24 hour guard. After his discharge he will be charged with possession of a weapon during a violent crime police say.  

The baby was not at the home when the murder occurred, and both children are now in the custody of Social Services awaiting a hearing to determine where their custody will be.                                        

During a domestic abuse situation it can be difficult to make that 911 call. Obviously the abusive person is going to try to prevent the call. With home phones, when the 911 dispatcher recieves the call, they also get the address of caller. If it is impossible to hang onto the phone, screaming works. Another idea when possible is to dial the phone and drop it behind a piece of furniture without hanging up. That gives the dispatcher a chance to know what is happening, even when you are unable to talk on the phone.

Of course if using a cell phone, then the address must be given. You can still drop the phone, but keep yelling the address.

A 6 year old child, already traumatized by her mother’s murder in front of her, left to answer police questions and bear witness to the crime. A baby, who will grow up never knowing the mother who loved him so much, and a baby who was never given the opportunity to be born.



  1. Cathy said,

    October 28, 2006 at 10:19 am

    A tragic story! How awful for that little girl…6 years old is old enough that she will remember all of this. I hope she gets alot of therapy and an understanding family to raise her.

  2. Virginia said,

    October 29, 2006 at 6:01 pm

    I knew Erica since she was born. My heart is aching. Her little girl was a bubbly little thing. She was such a happy thing. She is stuck back there in SC with out any family. Her Grandma, Erica’s mother flew back there to get her and only got to bring Erica’s ashes home. We are all trying to deal with this and prepare to help her daughter. It is hard for us to understand why if the neighbors heard screaming for 2 hours they didn’t call 911. It is hard to accept the fact that Ellis was already charged with a stabbing and released early. This whole thing is so heartbreaking. We loved Erica!!!!!!!

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