Partially packed

The neighbors say they didn’t know them well, they just moved in this year. But they saw them mowing the yard together, they saw them playing in the yard with their kids. They seemed like a pleasant couple, they waved to neighbors, they just seemed like good people with three beautiful children. They never saw any signs of trouble at the home.

Police haven’t said how they were called, but they responded to a report of a dispute at the address on Monday about 11:20 am. They say the couple were civil and both reported they were ok.

Reportedly Priscilla Huffman made contact with the children’s school on Monday. Later the same day, a relative brought the Huffman’s children home from school. When no one reponded to knocks on the door, the relative called police and they responded to the address again about 4:30 pm.

Police made entry to the home through a window, they found Phillip Alan Huffman, 30, in the garage and Priscilla Shelton Huffman, 29, in the bedroom. Police have said that Priscilla Huffman’s throat had been slashed and she had also been stabbed in the chest. Police believe there was a dispute and that Phillip Huffman stabbed Priscilla Huffman, then went to the garage where he stabbed himself in the chest.

Allegedly Priscilla Huffman may have wanted a divorce. Her partially packed bags were found on the bed.

The couple had three children. They were not at home.

The investigation is continuing. 

I have to say, I have been there. After the arguing is done, the decision has been made. With the tension still in the air, the sounds of the angry words that were exchanged still ringing. The sounds of packing seem so loud and so final. One part wants the spouse to just be gone for it to be over, the other part wishing the moment will never come.

The final moments of a marriage are heartbreaking. If they are following an argument, it is often best to either pack in advance or to just pack enough to get through the night. Then arrangements can be made to pick up the remainder of the belongings when cooler heads can prevail.

If there have been control or abuse problems during the marriage (and I haven’t seen any indications of that here), then it might be best to wait until the other partner or spouse is away from the home. Or if you are the one staying, take a walk, visit a friend, go to the store, just so you don’t have to listen to the sounds.                    

A big thank you goes to Trench for the tip on this one.


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  1. anonymous said,

    October 30, 2007 at 8:10 am

    I knew Priscilla and I know her family. I have known them for many years. Priscilla WAS abused but she hid it well and always covered her bruises. She was packing and had already made arrangements to pick up her girls from school and go to SC, but her husband came home early and they had a dispute. Just because the paper doesn’t say that there had been abuse in past, doesn’t mean there hadn’t been. Just because you don’t see any “indications” doesn’t mean that they’re not there. Priscilla was a very sweet person and is missed everyday and I personally found that comment a bit rude. A year later and the family’s wounds are still very fresh, my best friend is Priscilla’s sister and I see their pain, her father, mother, sister and her children’s.

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