Daddy’s Little Girl

Her family called her “Tashie”. Her name was Latashia Toomer and she was 18 years old. She came from a large family with parents and 6 brothers and sisters. She had never been to a nightclub. She had moved in with her sister to try to save money to go to college. She liked doing hair, and would spend hours braiding her siblings hair. She wanted to be a beautician. She was Daddy’s little girl, his “knee baby”. And she had just begun dating her first boyfriend. As the relationship had just begun, her family had not yet met Nathanial Williams, 22.

Police have said the two got into an argument inside a house. Family has said it was because she wouldn’t say she loved him. Allegedly Williams then shot Tashie, wounding her.

Tashie ran from the home out into the street with Williams chasing after her, carrying a handgun.  In front of a witness, Williams then fired again, this time hitting her in the back. This time she went down with a fatal wound. Williams then turned the weapon on himself. According to a witness “I was walking down Sixth Street and I heard the gunfire. Then I saw her running to Sixth Street and shot her again, and then he stopped in the middle of the street and looked me in the eyes then blew his brains out.”

Williams was taken to the hospital where he was placed on life support.

As Tashie’s father put it “To take my daughter’s life just because she said she didn’t love him. A murder-suicide to take my daughter’s life. In other words, if he didn’t have her nobody was going to have her. She was but an innocent child.”