She threatened to leave

Jacob Cartier Jarvis was 4 years old, just shy of his 5 th birthday which was to be on Monday. A polite but bubbly child, he lived with his parents, his aunt, and his grandmother in an apartment near the park. His parents  left their home at about 7:30 am on Friday to take him to a doctor’s appointment, but instead they stopped at the park. But he wouldn’t get to play at the park on this day.

His parents were Aldrick Jarvis, 31 and Jessica Jarvis, 30. They had been married for about 11 years. Jessica Jarvis worked as a physican’s assistant, but it is said that Aldrick Jarvis was a former security guard and hadn’t worked for years. Relatives have said that the couple’s relationship had been strained, and that Jessica Jarvis had recently threatened to leave Jarvis.

Other persons in the park Saturday morning called police at 7:45 am  after hearing several gun shots. When police arrived they found the vehicle still idling. The couple’s bodies were lying at the edge of the parking lot. Police say their bodies were in a straight line, as if they had been face to face prior to the shooting. A gun lay between them. Mrs. Jarvis had been shot several times.

A witness saw the two arguing outside the vehicle, and police believe Mr. Jarvis must have returned to the vehicle and smashed the window.

Inside the vehicle police found 2 shell casings. And little Jacob, still strapped in his booster seat- it appeared as though he had been shot in the face at close range. The invitations to his fifth birthday party were scattered in the backseat.

Police believe this was a double murder-suicide, with Aldrick Jarvis shooting little Jacob first, then chasing Jessica Jarvis and shooting her in the head before turning the gun on himself. The Jarvis’s were pronounced dead just after 8 am.

Some family members have said they knew he had bought the gun several years ago, but they thought it was in storage. Jessica Jarvis’s family has said that Aldrick Jarvis was short tempered, aggressive and that he had been abusive in the past, though not recently. They believe that the shooting occurred because Jessica Jarvis was thinking about ending their marriage.

However, Aldrick Jarvis’ family has said that Jessica Jarvis had been unfaithful, that she had just gotten her degree and was possibly frustrated with Aldrick Jarvis because he was struggling. Relatives also said that Aldrick Jarvis may have been overwhelmed because he cared for Jacob while his mother worked, and because of spending too much time with his in-laws whom they lived with because money was tight.               

If someone is in a relationship where obsessive, abusive or controlling behavior is or has been a problem, don’t threaten to leave.

Once the decision is made to leave, then do what you have to do to leave, get somewhere safe, then make the call and break the news over the phone- without giving information about where you are. These days most phones have caller id, so you may want to make that call from your cellphone, a payphone, or check with the telephone company to find out how to block the number from caller id.

It may not feel right at first. It may not feel fair to do it that way. But the breakup of a relationship is the most dangerous part. Even if there hasn’t been abuse before, it is more likely at that time. To best protect yourself, do it over the phone, so you won’t be within arm’s reach.


Property Damage

Brody R. Burke Jr., 21, was being driven to his employer’s home by his girlfriend when an argument developed. Allegedly Burke began kicking in the vehicle’s glove compartment.

The girlfriend stopped the car and told him to get out. He then began calling her cell phone and left threatening messages. She drove off and stopped at a gas station and Burke drove up in a company vehicle.

Reportedly he got out with a running chainsaw and began to attack her vehicle as she was attempting to drive away. He reportedly cut into the passenger door.

A bystander yelled at Burke, who then punched the bystander. Burke then fled before police arrived.

Police were then called to another business address, where they found Burke being held on the ground by a group of people.

When police tried to take Burke into custody, he tried to fight with them, kicking and head butting. After getting him into custody, police took him to the hospital for cuts on his hand. They believe the cuts may have been incurred by punching glass.  Officers report that Burke continued to be unruly at the hospital, trying to blow mucous on an officer.

Burke was on probation already. He had been arrested in July for smashing his girlfriend’s windshield. Reportedly the girlfriend spoke with police and told them that Burke “is an alcoholic and smashes stuff in the house all the time.”

Burke has been charged with a number of violations including aggravated domestic assault (for the girlfriend), assault on police officers, simple assault (for hitting the bystander), resisting arrest, disorderly conduct (for actions at the hospital), unlawful mischief (for damage to the vehicle), and operating a motor vehicle with a criminally suspended license.                


When it is done to cause fear and intimidation, or results in fear and intimidation, attacks on property can be a form of domestic violence.