Another Survivor Speaks

She tells how it began, she tells why she stayed, and she talks about what happened. She talks about leaving and going back. Then she tells how she got out. She also talks about what life has been like in the 18 years since she left.

There are ways to maximize a person’s chance of safety in a domestic violence relationship. While they are not guarenteed, they can maximize a person’s chance at safety. In the links to the left, many of the sites list suggestions for a safety plan. And domestic violence agencies can also help with that.

Suprisingly enough, there are safety plans for persons who are in a violent relationship, to help in maximizing safety even if they are not ready to leave the relationship. One example would be to try to avoid arguments in the kitchen or garage, because of the easy availability of weapons. There are also suggestions for how to make advance preparations in case you have to leave suddenly because of a violent episode.

And of course, there are suggestions on how to prepare to leave the relationship for good.

Everyone has the right to make their own decisions on if or when to leave. But if you have to leave,  either temporarily or permanently, you may not have time to make those preparations. The more prepared you are in advance, the safer you will be.

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