Tye Van Swearingen, 25, had enlisted in the army in 1998. And in 2001, he married Stephanie Marie Shipley. Swearingen was scheduled to ship out to Iraq later this month. Neighbors say that since his previous tour in Iraq, he had changed.

Neighbors and police say they have responded to the couple’s home due to reports of disputes. Sunday, Swearingen contacted police and reported his wife, Stephanie Marie Swearingen, 23, had left their home on Saturday and had not returned home. Allegedly he told them that the two had argued, and that she had not returned home from a party. Reportedly on Mon. a neighbor had asked Swearingen how he was doing and he reportedly seemed concerned when he told her ‘Not good,’ ” ‘My wife left and it’s not like her. She hasn’t come back.’ ”

Allegedly Swearingen has since told police that he strangled his wife on Saturday night. He put her into a bathtub of water, and waited until after dark on Sun. then drove her body to a cemetary where he buried her remains in an already occupied grave. The remains have been recovered and sent for an autopsy.

Swearingen has been arrested and charged in the murder.

Reportedly the couple did have a child who is now with relatives.             


More details are available on how the murder and recovery of Stephanie Swearingen came about.

Allegedly Swearingen’s mother was with a group of people on Oct. 14, when her phone rang. As she was talking on the phone, several thought she said something about murder.

When she hung up the phone, all she said was there was a family emergency, she had to drive to Texas to pick up her grandchild as her son was in trouble and couldn’t keep the child. The friend’s took up a collection to help her with expenses.

A few days later, word of the call got back to the police chief. Several people told the chief that Swearingen may have shot his wife.  Problem was they were in Mo. not Texas. They didn’t know for sure if there was a murder or where in Texas they were located.

The police chief notified Mo. State Highway Patrol, and one of their divisions found that Swearingen was stationed at Fort Hood.

Investigators then questioned Swearingen again and he led them to his wife’s body.

One neighbor has alleged that when talking with Swearingen after he reported his wife missing, Swearingen told him he still planned on going to Iraq in 10 days.                   

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The Hurricane- Part II

So Zackery Bowen, 28, and Adriane “Addie” Hall, 30, lived together, faced adversity together, fought together, survived together, and loved together.

Reportedly on Oct. 1 the two put down a deposit on a new apartment and moved in. And reportedly on or about Oct. 5, Hall told the landlord that she had caught Bowen cheating on her. Reportedly later the same day, Bowen called him and angrily told him that Hall was kicking him out.

Friends say they saw Bowen on Oct. 16. He was eating, drinking and appeared to be in a good mood. Reportedly he told one that he intended to go on a vacation. Surveillence cameras recorded Bowen on Oct. 17 as he walked up to ledge at the eighth story bar. He looked over, then turned around and walked away. He repeated the action several times, before finally he jumped.

Police called to the scene found something in Bowenss pocket, a note carefully preserved in a plastic bag. The note led them to the apartment that Bowen had shared with Hall, and to another note.

Police found a deceased person in the apartment.  They are not confirming that it is Hall, stating that they will need to confirm identity through dental records or DNA. But though they have looked for Hall, they have not found her.  (if you have a tender stomache, you may wish to stop reading here).

Allegedly the deceased person had been dismembered, with the remains found in different spots in the kitchen. With the charred head found in a pot, her hands and feet were also in a pot. Allegedly there was also a pot containing chopped potatoes and carrots, though none had been put in with the cooked remains. In the oven were trays containing human legs and arms. Reportedly seasoning had been sprinkled on at least one of them.  The autopsy on Bowen showed no human remains in his system.

Again without police confirmation, the notes that Bowen reportedly left out lined what had occurred. He reportedly wrote that he had calmly strangled her on Oct. 5. And he reportedly thought it was strange that he felt no remorse. Further it is reported that Bowen wrote that after Hall was dead he sexually assaulted her remains several times. And that he had plans on how to dispose of her body. Then he allegedly felt that he had to pay for what he had done. He decided to ‘party it up’ on the money he had, then take his own life for what he had done.

Police are not saying that Bowen had any connections to any other crimes. But they are submitting the case information to the FBI, to be entered into a database for comparision to other unsolved murders.

It started in the midst of a hurricane and read like a romance novel. But the ending was more like the hurricane it sprang from.                                       

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