Police were called to two separate scenes today, both scenes possibly related by the first incident.

They were called to a home at 5:30 am for a domestic dispute and found a 32 year old woman with stab wounds to her chest and arms. The woman’s four children were in the home and reportedly witnessed the stabbing. They told police that she had been stabbed by her boyfriend Ronnie Edward Taylor, 41. According to what the children told authorities,  Taylor had said his intentions were to kill the victim then himself. The woman was transported to the hospital where she had surgery on her wounds. When police arrived, Taylor had fled the scene.

Police were also called to the scene of an auto accident. Allegedly Ronnie Taylor was traveling south and swerved into the northbound lane causing a headon crash with a pickup truck. Taylor was pronounced dead at the scene. Police say the crash may have been intentional.

The other truck that was struck, flipped several times, and the driver was ejected. The driver was transported to the hospital by helicoptor. Taylor was pronounced dead at the scene.                               

I did not see any reports on the condition of the stabbing victim, or on the other driver. Also no information on the children in the home, though there is no mention of the children being physically harmed.

And as usual, my thoughts go the fact that domestic violence is so often thought of as a couple’s problem. It may start with an argument between a couple, but never the less it is a crime. And too many times it reaches out and touches people other than the couple.

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