In defense of self or other

Police received a call from Debra Hampton, 50, in which she reported shooting her husband James Rick Hampton, 51. When police arrived, both the mother and her teenage daughter exited the home peacefully. Police say the 911 call may be evidence in the shooting.

Police believe at this time that the shooting was the result of an altercation and that it may have been in self-defense or in defense of the teenage daughter. Police believe the shooting occurred sometime before 5 am.

Police have stated that James Hampton was shot in the upper body and that he died in the home. Neither the wife or the daughter were injured.

Police say they had never been to the home and neither Debra or James Hampton have a criminal record in the county. But the had not been residing there long. James Hampton moved into the home in February, and the mother and daughter moved there in July.

No arrests have been made and an autopsy will be completed.                                                       

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