He took the boy

Erick Suarez, 24, and his wife were estranged. Reportedly they had an agreement on custody issues. Police responding to a report of a domestic dispute on Saturday night found his wife with multiple stab wounds.

Police believe that Suarez had had the child, and when he took the boy back to the home he left the boy in the home. He reportedly entered his estranged wife’s home, grabbed a steak knife and confronted her. The two began arguing and Suarez then stabbed her. Some reports say she was stabbed twice, some reports detail that she was stabbed in the calf, the hand and the stomach.

Suarez then fled the home taking the couple’s 4 year old son with him.

The car Suarez was driving was later found in a parking lot, with no sign of Suarez or the boy.

Sunday morning Suarez made a call to a relative or coworker, and they convinced him to turn himself in. About 9 am, Suarez called police and told them where he was. Police responded to the motel where Suarez had registered himself and the child under a fictitious name.

The woman who is not being named received surgery at the hospital. No information is being released about her condition. The child was recovered, is physically unharmed and is now in protective custody.

Suarez has been arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Police are investigating to determine if there was a history of domestic violence.

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