In the heart

Reportedly Cecilia Vera Dorantes, 37, had asked her husband Carlos Alberto Ramirez, 33, for a divorce today. And reportedly Ramirez became jealous, and thought she was seeing another man.

Allegedly Ramirez went to get a knife, and began stabbing her multiple times. It was later determined that one stab wound went into the heart. Cecila Dorantes managed to escape and ran to the door of her 18 year old next door neighbor. The neighbor brought her inside and locked the door behind her, then called 911.

Meanwhile, Ramirez reportedly picked up the couple’s two year old little boy and ran with him. They got into the couple’s van and drove away. Police picked him up about 10 minutes later. The little boy was taken into protective custody. Some reports say the couple had two children, some reports say three. But the children are now reportedly with relatives.

Dorantes was flown by helicopter to the hospital, where she underwent surgery. She is reported to be in critical condition.

Rameriz has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, charges will be upgraded if Dorantes doesn’t survive. Deputies say that Ramirez has confessed.             

It is a very human reaction, when being asked for  a divorce to question whether there is another person involved. But there is no way to determine if there was. And even if there was another man- I don’t have to tell you that it is still not a reason to commit murder (or attempted murder). But to jump from a request for a divorce, to jealousy to murder completely bypasses all other possible reasons for the request. There are many reasons for asking for a divorce, and most of them do not involve another person. I understand the request hurts. But it doesn’t have to destroy- destroy the life of either the person asking or the person being asked. But once violence enters the picture, both lives get irrevocably altered.

Now how much could a baby of two have comprehended from what he saw at the house that day? Long before the age of two, children respond to the voices and non-verbal responses of their parents. They understand angry voices, tension, and can often comprehend the signs of pain. Many children of this age will show signs of fear at the sight of blood. Could he understand what happened that day? He may not have understood the reasons why, or all the nuances of what happened. But I would say he understood too much.

Dorantes showed a tremendous amount of strenth, even with a stab wound to the heart she managed to get away, she managed to get to the neighbors, and she managed to live to this point. I hope her strenth continues and she is able to survive.

Bless that 18 year old neighbor. Upon opening her door to find a bleeding woman, she pulled her inside. She had the foresight to lock the door behind them, and her actions may have saved the woman’s life, they at least increased her odds.  

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