What is it like?

What is it like to live with an abuser, day by day, week by week? I honestly could not write it as well as Marcia Steffens, Managing Editor of the Cassopolis Vigilant and the Edwardsburg Argus. In a column she describes the life, and the issues. And deals with her memories.


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“The most loving person that I know”

Randall Piercy, 41, has been arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse and torture of his 9 year old son.

Piercy’s wife Michelle Piercy has reportedly said that her husband is the most loving person she knows. Reportedly she also said “Yes, my husband is controlling. Yes I’m controlling when it comes to my son’s safety. I cannot believe this is happening, because my husband is the most loving person that I know.” And she denies that her husband or herself ever abused the child. She has stated that the child is active and that everything is being done to prevent him from hurting himself or from getting in trouble. Allegedly he has gotten up at night and went  outside. And there has been a reference to an incident that occurred several years ago, but no explanation was given. The mother has also said the child has a learning disability and is extremely hyperactive. Detectives say the child cannot read, the mother says he has passed all of his tests.

Piercy has also reportedly made a statement. “I’m a loving father. I didn’t cage my son; I love my family and I love my son.” Both Piercy and his wife are saying that everything is being blown out of proportion. Piercy alleges this is a vendetta set up by his in-laws.

Some reports say the couple was selling their home, and Michelle Piercy’s father is a real estate broker. According to some reports he brought a buyer to the home and the buyer made a report to the police. Some  reports say that the father-in-law is the one who made the report.

A undercover investigator posed as a potential buyer and went to the home with the father-in-law. Reportedly in the home, he found cameras installed in nearly every room. In the father’s bedroom, was a television monitor and several computers. The picture on the television showed the child’s bed. One room was locked shut with an outside deadbolt. That was the child’s bedroom.

Allegedly when the investigator entered the child’s room, it smelled faintly of urine. The boy was reportedly sitting on his bed in his underwear watching TV. There was a camera on the wall aimed at the child’s bed.

According to police, the boy had been locked in the room for 3 years. Allegedly, he was allowed to be with his mother for an hour a day, his mother denys this and says she could be with him anytime she wanted. Allegedly he was allowed to go to the bathroom once a day, as the father was allegedly “teaching” him to control his body and he was told to ‘hold it’ the rest of the time. Reportedly he didn’t attend school, the mother has said that he was home schooled. Detectives have said the child was unable to read. Reportedly he did not recieve medical care,  and the mother says that he went to the doctor earlier this week. Investigators say that the father controlled everything from outside the boys room. Things like when the child ate, when he went to the bathroom, his lights and when his TV was turned on and off.

According to one report the child has brothers who have left the home. Reportedly the children are 5 grown children from a previous marriage of Piercy.

The child has been placed on an emergency shelter order, which means that he cannot have contact with his parents.

The investigation is continuing and reportedly police are also investigating the mother’s role in the alleged charges.

At the Piercy home media has said that there is a play set and a basketball hoop outside. Neighbors have reported the family as reclusive, some neighbors have said they never saw the boy, but others say they had seen him sometimes.

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When I think of how many times my children would ask to go outside to play in a week, I can just cringe when I think of this child. And he allegedly wasn’t just kept from going outside- he was confined to his room in isolation. At the age of 9 years old. 9 year old children are so social, and still very much in need of attention at that age. Needing someone to talk to them, someone to listen to them. Things that a TV cannot do.

The mother’s words about “controlling” are interesting. Especially if you consider the fact that the child was reportedly kept in his room, yet there were reportedly cameras in almost every room of the house. If he was confined to his room, who were the other camera’s for?

Reportedly the original tipster was concerned that child pornography might be involved when he saw all the cameras. Piercy has also denied that and police have not commented….yet.

Taking the Piercy’s at their word that their was no abuse and that all this was done in protection of the child, that then brings up the issue- what happens when protection goes to the extreme?

Isolating a child for long periods of time can cause severe psychological problems as can failing to meet a child’s emotional and social needs. Prolonged periods without the ablity to go to the bathroom can cause serious urinary tract and bowel problems. If a fire had occurred in the home, how would the child have gotten out? If the child was confined to his room for all but an hour a day, when was he being homeschooled? The mother has said the child has a learning disability, yet I must admit I am curious as to how she came to that conclusion, if the child has never been in school or had testing completed.


18 year old Jacob Piercy has spoken to media and he states that he is the son of Randall Piercy. He has told news4jax that he lived with Piercy for 3 years and that he ran away because of his father’s controlling ways. Reportedly Jacob Piercy has alleged “I was only allowed to eat at certain times. I wasn’t allowed to go to the bathroom without his permission. I wasn’t allowed to do anything outside the home,” “We had a monitor system through the whole house and anytime I wanted to do anything like go to the bathroom or get a drink, I had to page him and ask him ‘yes or no?'”



Michelle Piercy has been arrested on charges child abuse.  

And reportedly she made a statement earlier this week, that her husband had locked the boy into his bedroom to protect him. Allegedly he had been sexually abused by a relative. She says that is why he locked the child in his bedroom, and she says that the court encouraged a surveillance system for the home.  Reportedly she also told investigators “She acknowledged her son has never been to school, and that they devote only one hour per week in his schooling.”

Reportedly she has now admitted that the child was locked in his room every night, forced to urinate in a plastic bottle, and he was allowed out two times a day to prepare his own meals and once  a day to use the restroom. The child has told investigators “He has never been to the dentist, he has no friends, he is not allowed to leave his room without permission, his only free time is to make his meals and take his bathroom break.” Reportedly the windows in his room were covered with tape, there were no pictures on the walls, no toys and no stuffed animals.

Police are saying they believe that Michelle Piercy may have been controlled in some way by her husband, and they are continuing to investigate her role.

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A spokesman from the sheriff’s office has said that in the past other children had been removed from the home because of a  “sibling on sibling type of issue.”


Randall Piercy’s mother has said that he is a ‘control freak’, but not a child abuser. She has also told media that he was only trying to protect the boy, in what had become a house of horrors. Allegedly the boy had been molested by a young relative in the  past. Police have confirmed that an incident of a child sexually assaulting another child occurred at the residence did occur, but that the records are sealed in juvenile court. Authorities have said that the child had siblings who have left the home.

Piercy’s mother has said that the cameras were to check on the child’s safety in the home and the lock on the door was because the parents were afraid that the boy would get up in the night, wander outside and fall into the canal and drown.

Allegedly the ‘vendetta’ that has been referred to is regarding allegations that Michelle Piercy once made against her stepfather years ago.

Neighbors have said they seldom saw the boy, one couple said they thought when they saw him that he was just there visiting. Reportedly when they were outside they sometimes heard him though. Allegedly they sometimes heard him call out and ask if he could come over to play, but they didn’t know which covered window he was calling out from.



According to media, Piercy operated a business out of his home selling t-shirts on the web called Wicked Outlet, Inc. I got curious.

Wicked Outlet, Inc. website

According to whois.net that domain is registered by GoDaddy to Wicked Taz Promotions. Registration info at GoDaddy indicates that the domain is registered to Randall Piercy. I am not sure what this is all about, but evidently Wicked Outlet is asking for donations, and if you donate you get access to an additional part of the site. A $5 donation gets lifetime access!

I also found another site registered to Wicked Taz Promotions called Wicked Downloads. This site is a forum. Again Whois indicates that the site is registered to GoDaddy and is registered by Randall Piercy. This appears to be a software and music download site. Not sure about the legality of what they do on the site, evidently Wicked Taz has his own questions about that:  Please don’t request software from me personally in this section. I cannot locate anything for anyone because so many watch me 🙂

And a third site TryForFree.com. Again linked to Wicked Taz Promotions at whois. Registration through GoDaddy goes to Randall Piercy.

I have a feeling that Wicked Taz may have many footprints on the web, but I have about reached the limits of my capability.


It seems that Randall Piercy is going to be on TV. There was a secretive visit to the jail by Dr. Phil. Reportedly he was doing an interview. Defense attorney’s say they had advised their Piercy against the interview, but Piercy persisted against the attorney’s advice. The attorney did monitor the interview.

According to police Piercy’s wife was not interviewed. The attorney says he believes that Piercy may have been frustrated because his bail is so high and he is unable to bond out.


Hmmm, imagine that. He is frustrated about being locked up for almost 3 months. I wonder if he has access to a bathroom? Allegedly his son was locked up for 3 years, with access to the bathroom only once a day. And he was allegedly under constant surveillance too, at least when the parents hadn’t left him home alone.


Dr. Phil Show Was this child Caged? You decide