She was a human being

When police found the body of Jessica Nicole Koon, 24, on July 18, 2005 in the stairway of the apartment building she resided in, that was only part of the story.

Jessica Koon was residing in Vancouver when she met Christoper J. Jones, 24. With Jessica still in high school, the two began an off and on relationship that lasted for 7 years.

Koon’s parents were concerned. The girl who loved to sing and dance, kept coming up with injuries. Yet she denied any abuse, blaming the injuries on car accidents and  of getting “jumped on”. Jessica is described as a sweet kind girl, and she had loving parents. Her family tried to convince her to leave Jones for good, but she refused. And the couple had a child together. In April of 2002, Jones was arrested for assaulting her. In October of 2003, he was arrested for violating a restraining order. Other violations of the restraining order followed.

Eventually the two ended up living in the apartment with Jones’s aunt and the couple’s child. Her life became a life of domestic violence, drugs, and prostitution. From June 2004 through Jan. 2005 Koons was arrested 7  times for prostitution. While police stop short of calling Jones her pimp, they have said that Jones used to beat her if she didn’t bring home enough money.

During the murder investigation information was found in Jessica’s medical records, they show that she had had two broken jaws in the months preceding  her murder that required her jaws to be wired shut.

At some point Koons began cooperating with police in a drug investigation. And Jones has told police that two men beat Koons up for that reason. He also told police that Koons had asked him to kill her, as she didn’t want to be die at the hands of another man, she wanted to die at the hands of someone close to her.

Jones admitted to beating her with a leather belt with a large buckle. And he admitted kicking her in the head. Reportedly when she was found there wasn’t much of her that wasn’t bruised. Reportedly the autopsy showed she had burn marks on the palm of her hands, 4 broken ribs, 5 marks on her neck consistent with ligature strangulation, bruises on her arms, back, chest, and legs. And internal bruising of a lung and a kidney. She died of closed head trauma or bleeding on the brain.

A Grand Jury indited Jones with 3 counts of aggravated murder, one count of attempted murder, and one count of felony 4th degree assault (that charge was for their child seeing Jones assault Koons, though it is thought that the child did not see the murder).

Jones pled guilty to one charge of murder, and will be sentenced on Oct. 19.                    

                             Gresham PD

She was a drug user, she was a prostitute. She was a human being.

She was a daughter with parents who loved her, who now miss her. She was a mother. She was a woman who had once had a life in front of her.

It is often a vicious cycle. Drugs make the beatings easier. Drugs cost money, so in comes the prostitution. The beatings and prostitution reduce the self esteem even more, and so more drugs are needed. Could the cooperation with the drug investigation have been the catalyst to her breaking the cycle? Could she have ever gotten out? That choice was taken away from her, so we will never know.

A big thank you to D.P. for the tip on this one.


Alleged murder, sexual assault and possible kidnapping

It is alleged that early on Monday morning Daniel Joseph Griffin, 34, stabbed Cheryl Lynn Duggan, 38, in the neck and killed her while her daughters were in the home. Reportedly he tied up her three daughters, raped one of the younger daughters then kidnapped the 18 year old daughter and left in the family’s vehicle.

Griffin was not Cheryl Duggan’s boyfriend, he was the boyfriend of the 19 (I have seen her age as 18) year old daughter,  Christina Harrison. At this point police say that it is not clear if Christina Harrison was a participant or if she was cooperating with him out of fear. It is being treated as a kidnapping.

Shortly after leaving the home, Griffin and Harrison reportedly stopped at a nearby gas station and stopped  in at Walmart to purchase some hair dye and gift cards, so it is believed that they are making efforts to change their appearance, Griffin may have dyed his hair red.

Hours after Griffin and their sister left the home, the youngest daughter was able to loosen her bonds and she untied her other sister and the two went to a neighbors for assistance. Both girls were hospitalized in good to fair condition.

Griffin reportedly is an ex-convict with a history of theft, burglary and escape. Griffin is described as a white male,  5’9″, and 172 lbs with brownish red hair. Reportedly he has extensive tattoos on his upper body- chest and shoulders and both arms. Christina Harrison may be with him and they may be driving a 1994 blue Plymouth Voyager mini-van, with a Texas license number T55 PPL. Christina Harrison is described as 5’3″ tall, 185 lbs. and with brown hair and brown eyes.

Neighbors say they are shocked that Griffin is reported to be involved in the crime. Although he has been in and out of jail, he is described as likeable, polite and helpful. One neighbor says that when he didn’t have a job he tended to get into trouble. But reportedly he was doing well on his job until last Wednesday when he just quit showing up. Griffin is the father of a 10 year old daughter, and his mother is disbelieving that he could ever hurt anyone.

Allegedly Christina Harrison had been living with Griffin and his family until two weeks ago, when they moved. Reportedly his parents told Griffin that he and Christina would have to find somewhere else to live. At least one neighbor has said she thought that Griffin and Christina were in love. Griffin has reportedly had a problem with drugs in the past, but it is unknown if he had been using since his parole.

Christina Harrison’s family says she was extremely protective of her sisters and would not have allowed them to be harmed. They also don’t believe that Harrison would have left with Griffin willingly or participated in the crime.

No motive has been determined for the crimes. A $10,000 reward is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction.         


                (picture of suspect at link)

Both families and neighbors seem to be in shock over the crimes. Neither family believes that the relative could do the crime. Both families hoping and praying they will turn themselves in with Harrison unharmed.

Two young girls, their mother dead, tied up and with one girl raped (I have seen it said it was the youngest that was raped). I haven’t seen how old the girls are, but they were younger sisters so that would lead me to believe they were younger than 19. Comparing the difference in the ages of the couple, that is especially  troubling. Both girls were tied for several hours, and both were taken to the hospital. I haven’t seen any mention of any other injuries, but I wonder. They are left to deal with the trauma, recover from any injuries, all without a mother there for them. They have other relatives and I am sure they are supporting them. But there are times when the person who knows them the best is needed but cannot be there. And through their own personal trauma, there is a funeral to plan and a sister to worry about.


Griffin was found in Houston and has been arrested. Harrison was found in good condition and has been returned to her family. Investigators now believe that Harrison was taken against her will.    


Reportedly Griffin has given police some “incriminating statements”. And according to his mother he did call her after his arrest and told her that he was back on “crank” or amphetamine’s. Allegedly he did tell her that he committed the murder, but “He just said it wasn’t done the way it sounded.” And according to his mother, he allegedly told her that his girlfriend did have opportunity to get away, but “He’s saying she didn’t want to come back.” However Harrison’s family denies that.

Reportedly the arrest came as the result of a tip from an undisclosed source.