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A History of Depression

Police say the couple had no history of domestic violence. They were known as a good couple and hard workers. Teresa Suchon, 53, used to own a flower shop and had a talent with flower arrangment. She continued to work at the shop even after she sold it.

Neighbors say that Antoni Suchon, 54, was a workaholic and loved his wife. And  she worried about him. He suffered from depression, and reportedly was off his medication recently. Teresa Suchon had mentioned to friends that Antoni was worse lately, that he wasn’t eating, hadn’t left the house in two weeks and was threatening suicide.

Reportedly the couple came to the US from Poland 20 years ago and had no children or relatives in the US. But the couple often invited their friends for parties.

Monday evening Antoni Suchon contacted police and told them that he had killed his wife. Police responding to the home, found Antoni Suchon waiting for them. He led them to Teresa Suchon lying on the bedroom floor with a hammer beside her.

Autopsy reports say that she was killed by blunt force trauma and that she had been struck at least 6 times. Police say that Suchon has given a videotaped confession, and that he has admitted to murdering his wife. They say he has been very calm and very quiet, but that he has not given a motive nor has he offered any remorse.

Antoni Suchon has been charged with 1 st degree murder.

When most people think of depression, they think of a lot of tears, verbal and non-verbal expressions of psychic pain. With some people that may happen. But frequently with deeply depressed people often despondency may be a better description. With a deep depression and other psychiatric disorders, one thing that is often misunderstood is the lack of emotion in the facial expressions which are often thought of as flat, emotionless and expressionless. The reactions to events surrounding the person- even events involving the person, may be muted, disinterested, or even absent.

For instance with a depressed person, if something funny should happen they may smile. But if you examine the person’s face- somehow the smile just doesn’t quite get it. They may smile because they know they are supposed to, not because they really experience the humor. This type of reaction is common throughout the range of emotions.

“There’s no more emergency”

“There’s no more emergency, but there’s two dead people” the voice at the other end of the 911 call responded to the dispatcher when she answered the call Fri. and asked what the emergency was. Reportedly the man was calm and polite as he answered the dispatchers questions, and he called her ma’am several times.

He told her about strangling his wife and her son on Wednesday. He told the dispatcher their names and ages. He said they would find the bodies of Betty Mitchell, 48, and Tommy Mitchell, 10, in a rundown motel where they had resided in one room. He told her that his name was Fred Kevin Mitchell, 48, and he told her where officers could find him. Then he said “This is all you’re gonna hear from me.”

Police who responded to the motel, found the bodies of Betty and Tommy Mitchell. And law enforcement who responded to the site where Mitchell said they would find him, found him dead apparently from a self inflicted hanging.

Family and the police spokesman has said the relationship was abusive. Family has said that “She couldn’t, or wouldn’t, get out of it,” “We expected something like this to happen, but I didn’t think he was capable of doing that to Tommy.”

According to friends, family and neighbors there were problems. Betty Mitchell had had three children. One had been adopted, one left at the age of 15 to go live with her father, and there was Tommy.

Mitchell was not Tommy’s father. And reportedly he had never laid a hand on the girl who had left home. Mitchell reportedly had problems with substance abuse and had lost his job.           


As so often happens, schoolchildren are now having to cope with learning about the death of one of their schoolmates due to violence. Though it is unsettling for all, schoolchildren can be particularly affected by the death due to violence. Many of them may have had little experience with death, and the way they are learning is through the sudden violent death of one of their peers. Often it will put the questions in their minds- if this could happen in his home, could it happen in mine? Tommy was only 10, and was living with things that no child should. Yet someday he would have grown and got out. He had a potential life ahead of him, and someday should have been able to make his own decisions and choices about how to live his own life.

Betty Mitchell, living in an abusive relationship, at a seedy hotel. Two children already left her, yet she stayed in the same lifestyle. Yet there was always the possibility, the slim hope that someday she might turn things around and straighten out the problems in her life. But that was taken away from her.

One thing I would like to bring out is the statement from the family: “She couldn’t, or wouldn’t, get out of it”. For those who are remaining in abusive relationships, I have this question. Will your family someday say the same thing about you?