Child used as a weapon in Domestic Violence

Police were called to the scene of a domestic dispute at the home of 27 year old Chytoria Graham, and her boyfriend DeAngelo Troop.

Reportedly the two ware arguing when the argument escalated and Graham allegedly told police she picked up several objects and threw them. Then she picked up the couple’s 4 week old baby boy.

Allegedly she grabbed the baby by it’s legs and swung it against the boyfriend, striking it’s head against Troop.

The baby was flown to the hospital, where it was determined to have a fractured skull and some bleeding on the brain. Reportedly it is being kept in a drug induced coma and is in serious but stable condition.  

Graham allegedly admitted to police that she had been drinking earlier in the evening. Graham has been charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, and endangering the welfare of a child.

Graham has other children and 4 children were removed from the home. Troop is reportedly the father of the baby and one other child at the home.           

I have seen reports on the negative effect that domestic violence has on children. I have seen where a domestic violence event has accidently injured a child. I have even seen where the violence turned from the spouse or partner to the child. I have even seen where a child was used as an emotional weapon. But this is a first for me, and for many others. The child was used directly as a physical weapon.

Likely she didn’t ‘intend’ to harm the child. Likely her rage was only at the boyfriend. But there are no reports indicating that he recieved any injury. As so often happens, the child is the one who was harmed.

There are many messages I would like to make known about domestic violence. But this is probably one of the biggest. Domestic violence has an affect on the children in the home. Domestic violence causes harm to children, whether it is physical, emotional, or psychological harm.

A big thanks to LiLO for the tip and she also has a post on this.


She didn’t mean to do it. That is reportedly what Graham is saying about the incident that injured her child. Reportedly she has said that she had been drinking then during the argument she ‘snapped’ and began grabbing and throwing things. She says that she didn’t realize she had picked up her 4 week old infant. She reportedly has said that she held the baby’s legs when she swung the baby, but police believe she held onto it’s midsection.

Police say that after Graham put the baby down, that DeAngelo Troop punched her in the eye. They are reviewing the case to see if any additional charges are warranted, but say they do not anticipate any. Troop has also made a statement that he did not believe that Graham meant to hurt the baby.


In a plea agreement with Chytoria Graham she has pleaded guilty to charges of aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child. A mental evaluation has been ordered and sentencing is set for May 8. The child has recovered and he and Graham’s other children are reportedly in the custody of her parents.


At her sentencing hearing Chytoria Graham requested to withdraw her guilty plea. Previously she said that she did not recall the events that happened that night. Her attorneys have pointed out she was drinking that night. Now she says she does recall the events, and she is accusing the father of the baby for also causing the injuries.



  1. Vidalia11 said,

    October 10, 2006 at 4:09 pm

    In the Fox news article, the father is quoted as saying, ‘People are trying to make a big deal about it, but she did not do it on purpose. … It was just a mistake.’

    These people are very, very, very dumb and violent. Even a drunk person can tell the difference between an inanimate object and a baby.

  2. October 10, 2006 at 4:50 pm

    A drunk person can, but often a person in a rage is so tunnel visioned that they see nothing but their target. I actually believe that she didn’t mean to hurt the baby. But that doesn’t make her any less dangerous to the kids. If they are between her and her target, they could get hurt, likewise if they make her enraged, they could become a target.

  3. March 7, 2007 at 3:38 am

    Post updated.

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