This is not a crime- The Goal

In reading or writing about domestic violence, it is too easy to become accepting. Too easy to believe that all men (or women) are bad and all relationships are violent. That is not true, and sometimes a reminder is needed of the true goal. That is the spirit in which this post is written.

Mrs. Sarah is 91 years old, Mr. Sol is 98 and they recently got married. This is not the first marriage for either of them. The Zerwins were first married 37 years ago and recently renewed their vows. Re-married this time in a Senior Center, with their grandchildren as bridesmaids the couple held hands through the ceremony.

“What’s the secret to our marriage, Sol?

“We love each other, look out for each other”

That is the goal people. It is out there, it is possible, it is attainable.

But if a person is locked into an abusive relationship, that goal may not be accomplished. If in an abusive relationship, you choose between the goals of trying to survive or trying to get out safely.

My congratulations to the happy couple, may you have a much longer and continued loving life.

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