To get attention

Clint L. Wilkes contacted his ex-girlfriend for assistance with an injured kitten he reportedly found. Then he contacted her again about another one.

Reportedly this happened several times. One kitten had a broken leg. Another had a broken tail, with possible burns on the tail and burned ears (the tail had to be amputated).  The former girlfriend says there have been others- maybe 7 or 8 others who  later disappeared.

Finally the ex-girlfriend went to investigators. Investigators believe he was finding ads for free kittens in the newspapers, getting the kittens and torturing and abusing them as an excuse to make contact with his ex-girlfriend.  According to animal services spokeswoman “It seems that he was using the kittens to keep her around,” “She feels sorry for them and he uses that and it becomes part of the vicious cycle.”
And yes, according to reports filed at the sheriff’s department when the couple were together, there was a history of domestic violence between the couple.

Clint Wilkes has been charged with misdeamor counts of animal cruelty and abandonment.                      



  1. shauna said,

    October 22, 2006 at 7:23 pm

    I am writing this comment to let all know how crazy this is. This person that alledgedly did this is NOT the one that is hurting these kittens. Someone needs to look into the person that is accusing Clint. Janet is the one that is finding these kittens supposedly at Clint’s house. Someone is hurting these animals but it is not Clint. The person that is hurting these animals needs to be the one with the charges. Charging Clint will not stop the hurting of these kittens.

    I personally have seen Clint cry over a hurt animal. He has a dog that is his lifetime companion. He has had her for 12 years. He goes over and aboard what a normal person would do. When he was told that she has cancer he cried in the veterinaries office he has had the tumors removed even though she is an old dog and has exceded her life expectacy, has and done everything in his power to have her be around just a little bit longer. He was working with my husband a few months ago and his dog got sick. He went home and spend the rest of the weekend sitting by her side and getting her anything that he thought that she would need.

    About 3 yrs ago he was talked into going on a hunting trip with my husband. My husband lent him a spare rifle. When Clint had a large 4 point in his scope he could not shoot it. To him it was an innocent animal. He gave the rifle back. He does not even like to hear hunting stories.

    There is a cycle going on here but it is not Clint. He just happens to be her next victim. Janet was not an ex-girlfriend, they were together at the time. When Clint tries to end the relationship she dreams up false allegations against him. The people that know Clint need to be asked about him, his friends and family, not the person that is trying to get back at him for ending the relationship.

    She is the abuser and there needs to be something done about it. It is too bad that one of her last victims do not come forward and tell their story. There needs to be some charges filed for false police reporting.

    She needs some help. There are some comments made about him doing this for attention, she is the one that is doing this for attention, she knows no other way to get it so she dreams up false allegations.

    What is going to be said about her next boyfriend. There needs to be documentation made and kept for future to protect her next victim against false charges. There has to be something that shows who makes the allegations, they need to be read and totaled, the cycle would then be seen.

  2. October 22, 2006 at 9:05 pm

    Shauna, have you contacted his defense attorney?

  3. shauna said,

    October 22, 2006 at 10:16 pm

    I am not sure how much good that would be he is an awesome attorney and I know that he will do what he can. I am sure that he will have those that know him testify if it goes that far.
    I think that she really needs some help. But not the kind of help that she is making everyone believe that she needs. There has to family and friends of her that know how she is. I don’t know what will happen. We will have to see. But, I do feel sorry for any guy who thinks that he wants to date her. Maybe we should all find her last boyfriends then this will all end.
    I needed to just vent–he has been told not to talk to anyone including the press so we are all biting our tongues. There will be our turn soon.
    Thanks Shauna

  4. Seth said,

    September 21, 2007 at 7:07 am

    I am an old friend of Clint, and when I first heard the story I said,”There is something fishy about this story, the Clint I know wouldn’t hurt a fly”. I started reading into the story and couldn’t beileve it. He’s such a nice person to animals, his dog my dog and the rest of our friends dogs. My cat to for a matter of fact. My dog fortunatly is still alive and i know he would welcome Clint with open arms. Remebering all the time all of our friends and the dogs went camping.. I to would strongly very strongly erge the police to investigate Janet or whoever is making these allegations.. SOMETHINGS NOT RIGHT WITH THIS… Which now makes sence why he wouldn’t take a plea unless the animal cruelty was dropped.. and with our weak animal cruelty laws they are probably the ones he should have exepted.. I agree something needs to be done about our animal cruelty laws, Badly.. People who hurt animals are worse than people who hurt people. So in closing i’d like to say, If he did it than he got of easy ,,, but i also know the cops didnt do anything to counter investigate Janet.. Big Mistake…..

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