Found at the neighbors

William, 69, and Elaine, 66, Romero have been described as a very, very nice lovely couple. They were the parents of grown children and had grandchildren. William Romero is reportedly the president of a jewelry company, his son is listed as an officer.

About 6:30 am yesterday,  a neighbor walked out onto his sun porch and found the body of Elaine Romero. She had been stabbed multiple times in the head, face and neck.

Police were summoned and they believe she may have gone to the neighbor’s because the wife there was a nurse. Police followed a trail of blood back to her home.

There they reportedly found the husband William Romero naked, with the front of his body covered in blood. A search of the home revealed several “implements” and a bedroom reportedly with a large amount of blood on the floor and walls. (some articles say knives, at least one article says a meat cleaver was one of the implements).

Reportedly Romero has refused to be interviewed by detectives. He was taken into custody and was taken to the hospital for a gash between his left thumb and index finger. He recieved stitches and was released. Reportedly he had other injuries to his arm and face, one article says a broken nose leading police to believe that Mrs. Romero had fought back.

Romero has been charged with murder and pled not guilty at his arraignment.

Some articles say there was no history of domestic violence, but at least one article says that police had been called to the residence before.                                            


Romero has been described a funny  guy, with a good sense of humor who liked to take his grandchildren out on his boat. Reportedly he was very active until this past summer, reportedly he was having serious back and knee problems.

Mrs. Romero is described as a woman that everyone loved and she loved her grandchildren. She was described as elegant and sweet, always nicely dressed.

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