Another too young

Jamie Vance, 21, had reportedly been dating her boyfriend Anoulack Bphanphansavat, 22, since the 8 th grade. But for unspecified reasons the relationship had apparently come to an end. Reportedly the ending of the relationship was a long drawn out process.

On Monday night, Jamie Vance reportedly took Bphanphansavat’s belongings to him, some reports say she may have had a date with someone else that night.

About 4:30 am Bphanphansavat allegedly showed up at the Vance home. Allegedly she said he was there to protect Jamie Vance from stalkers, then said he was there because his car broke down. He asked to use the phone and the mother reportedly let him in. After using the phone, he said it would take his friend about an hour to get there and he asked to stay in the house to wait. The mother told him no, and he left.

As the mother was leaving for work a couple of hours later, she noticed that Bphanphansavat’s car was still there, but did not see him.

Later that morning, Jamie Vance was reportedly on the phone with a friend. She had mentioned to her friend that she could not find her car keys. Then she screamed and the phone went dead.

The friend called the girl’s mother at work and told her what had happened. The mother called police.

The mother and police went to the home, they found Jamie Vance and Bphanphansavat in the basement, at the bottom of the stairs. Police believe that while Bphanphansavat was in the home to use the phone, that he may have stolen the house keys. They believe that he killed Jamie Vance with a shotgun, then turned the gun on himself.

Reportedly police have requested a search warrant for Bphanphansavat’s home and car.                             

A long drawn out ending. It certainly sounds as though someone was fighting the ending. Showing up at the home with the allegedly excuse of “protecting them from stalkers’ certainly sounds like an original excuse, though it sounds as if he was the stalker. A broken down vehicle, certainly another excuse to try to get him in the home.

Some may say, why did the mother leave? She had known the boy for years. She likely knew that he was having problems with the relationship ending, and thought that it was just another attempt to talk to her daughter. Likely she thought they were just kids and he would get over it. She made sure he left the home before she left, and she likely locked up before she left.

It is easy to look back now, and wonder why she didn’t do more. But what could she really say? He was in the neighborhood?

At the time of a break-up, many people act a bit erratically. But when they start showing up at the home at odd hours, or they begin showing up unexpectedly at places they know the other will be….. it is time to become concerned.

She was too young for this to have happened. But then aren’t they all?

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