He has friends in high places

Stace Banks Day, 41, and his wife Laurie Day have been married for 15 years and have two children. Day stands as an example of law and order in their community- he is the police chief there.

His mother in law has reportedly said, “In the scope of things, he is not a bad person, and something has gone wrong.”

Reportedly in June 2003, Stace reported to sheriff’s deputies that that his wife had pinched him in the side and left a red mark. He spoke to his attorney about the matter and on his attorney’s advice requested an incident report.

In April the couple were reportedly separating and Laurie Day reported to deputies that her husband was taking things from the home that were not part of the separation agreement. She requested an incident report.

Then in July while the couple were separated, Laurie Day reported to police that her husband had broken into the home and taken her engagement ring and another ring from the home and had cancelled the insurance for the items.

No charges were filed in any of the previous incidents.

Thursday, Laurie Day reportedly was preparing to leave town with her children, some articles say she wa leaving Day, when Stace Day arrived at the home about 4 pm. Laurie Day mother was at the home at that time. The mother reports that Stace Day disabled the truck so that it couldn’t be driven, he unloaded the truck and put the items in the back yard, and he broke the wife’s cellphone so that she couldn’t make calls. He also reportedly took the wife’s drivers license and credit cards, and took her jewelry. According to her mother, Laurie Day did not want to see her husband villified and did not want to call police. The mother left the home when the children went to bed.

Reportedly after she left, Stace Day knocked Laurie Day down twice. The second time, reportedly Laurie Day was knocked unconcious and when she came around, her husband was reportedly pouring water in her face and telling their daughter- “She’s only faking, your mamma is such a drama queen.”

Laurie Day’s mother says she got a text message from her 10 year old stepson that read “Come get us Nana.” When her mother arrived at the home she noted that the front door had been broken down.  Police were called to the home at 12:26 am and were reportedly there for hours. They arrested Day shortly before 3 am on criminal domestic violence charges.  Day has been placed on paid leave until the charges are resolved.

Reportedly Laurie Day did receive bruising in the incident, on her arm and leg. Reportedly pictures have been taken of the injuries and of the damage to the home. The sheriff says that charges will be filed whether Mrs. Day cooperates or not, because that is the law. “It’s out of her hands.”

Allegedly Laurie Day has told deputies that she will have to leave town before her husband gets out of jail, as she is in fear for her life. Reportedly Stace Day has told her that she could leave, but that he has “friends in high places.”

If Day is convicted of domestic violence, his career as a police officer is in jepordy. Under federal law, a person who has been convicted of domestic violence cannot carry a gun.

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Stace Day has resigned as police chief. The town council had reportedly warned Day to step down or be fired. In his resignation letter, Day allegedly stated that the charges had left “a dark cloud over my head” and he also reportedly said “I intend to clear my name by presenting the truth about the events leading to my arrest at the appropriate time during the judicial process.”            

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  1. MagZ said,

    October 2, 2006 at 6:24 am

    One thing I have learned in life is: those that actually do have friends in high places,never have a need to mention it. It used to be called “class” but that went the way of the 8 track I think. Yet so many people..women especially, are intimidated by those words. Sometimes,I think we need to bring back those “I’m ok,you’re ok” books.
    I have a feeling…well a hope,actually, that this guys friends will be non existant .

  2. Peach said,

    October 3, 2006 at 1:32 pm

    I think his position actually has him with connections in low places. Those are more the ones that I would worry about.

  3. October 3, 2006 at 6:28 pm

    Peach, that song by Hank Williams kept going through my mind the whole time I was writing this. “I’ve got friends in low places”

  4. Corky said,

    June 4, 2007 at 7:38 pm

    Dear Home Sweet Home…..

    Did you write the above article? If you did, you really need to get your information verified before you willfully mislead the public into thinking that you are writing factual accounts of what went on in the Day household. You spoke of an event that occurred in July where Stace Day reportedly broke into the family home and took Mrs. Days engagement ring and another ring; however, you did not futher state that after the report was made, Mrs. Day in fact found her “missing” items, purportedly exactly where she had left them. HMMMMM, maybe that’s why no charges were filed. Also, on Thursday, you wrote that Mrs. Day was preparing “to leave Mr. Day”, when he arrived home to the marital residence. Truth be told, Mrs. Day threatened to “hide his children so that he could never see them again”, following a lengthy argument that ensued after Mr. Day wanted to take his son to a Carolina Football game. You further stated that Laurie Day sustained “bruising” in only two places following this argument; however, you again failed to report on the “bruising” sustained by Mr. Day from his neck all the way down past his knees where his “injured” wife beat him repeatedly with a paint can and paint rollers, along with a suitcase, and doused him with paint. Nor did you mention the fact that she also, according to court records, attempted to pinch him in the groin numerous times along with kicking and biting him. To me this sounds like “a woman totally out of control”. Now I am not a “rocket scientist” however, I was married to an abusive man for 9 years, and speaking from experience, this woman does not demonstrate the classic signs of an abused spouse nor does she seem to me like she’s “covering up for her husband now”. It seems to me that she was in a total jealous rage over an alledged affair and she was out to ruin him as she had claimed she would do. Lo and Behold, I believe that she has done just That! All in all, this family has attempted to put themselves back together again; however, our justice system seems to be on the “scent for blood”, but maybe, just maybe on the wrong trail. Why can’t they just be left alone to try to make their family unit whole again. Or are our lives seemingly that “empty” of problems of our own to attend to, that we would rather sit in the arena like the romans, watching the lions slaughter the persecuted.

  5. Lisa Davis said,

    December 6, 2007 at 1:13 pm

    I noticed the above poster, Corky, posted six months ago. There has been no response from Home Sweet Home. It’s amazing and disturbing how some (most) CDV sites take the view that women are the only victims of domestic violence. My husband’s best friend and next door neighbor was the victim of domestic violence. His shame, bewilderment, and pain were greeted with snickers and “how badly can she hurt you” attitude.

    We need to acknowledge that 35% of the domestic violence that occurs in our country annually is woman-on-man domestic violence. The Stace Day farce that he committed domestic violence on her is a sad state of affairs. She abused him.

  6. December 6, 2007 at 7:09 pm

    Actually Lisa, if you look back through the previous posts, you will find that I have acknowleged that female on male domestic violence does occur and that male victims of domestic violence do deserve and need the same resources that are available to female victims. The fact remains though that (using your figure) 65% of DV is male on female, and that male on female DV is more likely to result in death or serious injury.

    I do feel for your neighbor. The attitude he faced is the reason why more male victims of DV do not report domestic violence.

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