Domestic Violence Awareness Month


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. All over this country, indeed in many countries, activities are being planned to help bring awareness to the problem of domestic violence. But even when the month is over, many activities will remain. Because even when the month is over, the problem will remain.

Domestic violence awareness month has a three-fold purpose. To raise awareness, to mourn those lost to domestic violence, and to unite those working to end domestic violence.

Some organizations have already begun their activities.

On Sept. 26 the New York Latinas Against Domestic Violence held their annual Bride’s March through the Bronx. More than 300 women dressed in Bridal Gowns, the men who participated dressed in black.                            

In Louisville, Ky a “Take Back the Night” rally was held on Sept. 25.

But there are many other events sceduled, check your local newspapers because one may be coming to an area near you.

The first Monday in October is traditionally considered a Day of Unity. Often there will be a candlelight ceremony held at or near a public building to mark the day. Different activities will be taking place in various communities across the world that will be as diverse as the communities that hold them. Watch for and visit the event held nearest you.

But even though the month of October stands for domestic violence awareness, the work for stopping domestic violence operates year round. Shelters and domestic violence agencies are in operation. Education programs are being taught in schools and women’s groups. Fundraisers are held year round.

This little blog is my own contribution to domestic violence awareness.

What else can an individual do? Get involved. Wear and/or display a purple ribbon. Go to fundraisers. Monitor the local domestic violence cases in your area and how they are handled in the courts, the arrests, and in the media. Learn about the resources in your area, and find out how you can help them, many can use volunteers and/or donations. Watch for and support opportunities to strengthen domestic violence laws. And most of all, be alert to your friends, relatives, and neighbors who may be at risk.

Purple ribbons are used to help identify and raise awareness. For more information on the visit the Purple Ribbon Project.

And I would like to end with the link to country music star’s Big and Rich’s contribution to the awareness of domestic violence problems. To listen to their song Holy Water, please click here.

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Presidential Proclamation 2006


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  1. September 2, 2008 at 1:45 am

    I hope your day is going very well. Having lived through what most do not I am hoping to be of service in the Bay Area for October and forever more!
    My story was featured in Readers Digest, SF Chronicle, Woman as well as other media outlets.
    Please let me know how I can be of service to you. I am very interested in getting involved on a congressional level.
    My trial changed history in 1983. For that, I am grateful.
    Kathryn Keats (for EPK)
    415 516 6281

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