To Make the Exchange

Some reports say the two owed each other money, some reports say that Delice Wisner, 25, owed his ex girlfriend money.  But the ex-girlfriend has told police that when the two met at the bus stop for the exchange on Monday, Wisner allegedly took her captive and held her at gunpoint while he drove her to a hotel.

There he allegedly sexually assaulted her and held her for three days. On Thursday he reportedly drove her to his home, bound her with duct tape and left.  

Reportedly Wisner’s mother was concerned about him, and came to his home to check on him. When she found the door locked, she got a key from a manager and opened the apartment.

Finding the duct taped woman in her son’s home, she freed her and drove her to her own (the mother’s) home where the two called police.

Police who responded to the mother’s home say that Wisner drove by. Some articles say he tried to confront the woman.  Some reports say he was arrested, some reports say he was arrested after a chase in which he crashed his vehicle.

Delice Wisner has been charged with armed kidnapping, sexual battery, and fleeing from a police officer.

At the end of every relationship there is usually belongings strewn one place or the other- or both. If there was abuse in the relationship, that can be a problem.

While some police departments will accompany a victim to pick up essentials, most cannot stay while an apartment is emptied.

Some people will attempt to solve that problem by a personal visit and being accompanied by a friend or relative- the drawback to that of course is that if the abuser is determined or has access to a weapon that person could also be in danger.

They may meet in a public place- but if the abuser has access to a weapon, they can get control even in a public place. And sometimes an abuser wouldn’t hesitate to take out a stranger, if they stood between him and the object of his anger or the target he wishes to control.

About those belongings, often a decision has to be made. Just how badly are the items needed? Are they replaceable? Can you do without them? Are they really worth risking your life?

Small items can be mailed if necessary. Fed Ex and other shippers can handle medium items. If there is a court case you can discuss arranging retrieval with the attorney or prosecutor.

Yes, you may take a loss. But getting out safely is the goal, and that may take some sacrifice. And abusers will hold items hostage in order to gain the compliance of the victim. An offer to let you have the item, if you pick it up yourself or meet them somewhere should be looked at with suspicion.

I haven’t seen any history of a domestic violence history in this case or history of a protection order. And it is not clear why the two were meeting in a bus station.

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