Even with no history

Cecil, 31, and Stephanie Poythress, 32, were married parents of two young children (one article says their ages are 4 and 8 years old). The couple did not have a known history of domestic violence according to the local police chief, he was not aware of any calls to the couples home for fighting. Cecil Poythress was a popular local barber, Stephanie Poythress had previously been employed as a sheriff’s deputy from 1996 to 2004, at which time she resigned. However she held reserve officer status in another department, though she wasn’t actively working for them. 

Reportedly on Fri. night an argument developed between the couple while in their kitchen. Allegedly  during the argument, Stephanie Poythress picked up a knife and stabbed Cecil Poythress in the chest one time. She contacted 911  and requested assistance. Officers responded with the ambulance and at that time determined that there had been an argument and a stabbing.

Reportedly Cecil Poythress had a pulse when the ambulance arrived, but died enroute to the hospital. Reportedly the children were not in the room when the stabbing occurred. The children are now with family members.

Stephanie Poythress has been charged with murder and is being held without bond. The investigation is continuing.

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All couples argue. It is a part of making relationships work and working out compromises. Experts do reccomend that couples avoid arguing in the kitchen, garage, or areas of the home where a weapon might be stored. Or if an argument begins in one of those areas to try to guide it into another area of the home.

When an argument begins, the adrenalin starts pumping and the fight or flight syndrome begins. At that point it is best if there is no weapons at hand.


 According to at least one article, the couple did have a history of domestic problems. According to the police chief the dispute was over money: “He wanted some, and she didn’t want to give it.”



In the 911 call, Stephanie Poythress reportedly sounded desparate and scared. “It is a cut to his heart, I mean his chest. It is just a cut.” Reportedly she also denied that the ‘cut’ was the result of a stab wound.

The police chief says they are now investigating the domestic history of the couple.

There was at least one previous report of an incident about 2 years ago between the couple that allegedly happened in one of Cecil Poythress’s barber shop. It occurred about a month before Stephanie Poythress resigned from the sheriff’s office. Reportedly Cecil Poythress recieved a cut to the hand, but he refused to press charges.


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