Public Humiliation

A 21 year old young woman begins dating a fellow student from the college she was attending. After an unknown period of time, the relationship ended.

On Sept. 12, police received a complaint that a person was throwing photographs from a car. Police responded to investigate and it took more than an hour to pick up 208 5X7 photos of a nude young woman. Police report they were all pictures of the same young woman. They report that the photos were being thrown from a car driven by a female, with a male throwing the photos from the passenger window.

Police have arrested 24 year old James Famiglietti in the incident. He has been charged with breach of peace and littering and is facing possible jail time and fines.  Famiglietti does have a criminal history. In 2003, he was charged and convicted of holding another female against her will. He is still on probation until 2008.

The female in the photos has been located and reportedly did have a relationship at one point. “The victim is happy and glad it’s over.” She says the photos were from a modeling assignment.

The female applied for a restraining order on Famiglietti on Sept. 13 and the order was granted.    

Though often not covered under domestic violence statues, threats of humiliation are often used in domestic violence situations. Sometimes it is a threat to reveal real or imagined information to the victim’s friends or family, sometimes it is threats to report the victim for a real or imagined crime, and sometimes as in this case… is a very public humiliation.

I don’t care how he came by the photos. Releasing them in this way was most likely either an attempt at control or retaliation.

Police have managed to keep the young woman’s identity hidden, and I am glad it is so. Never the less the whole incident had to be embarrassing for any young woman.



  1. MagZ said,

    September 29, 2006 at 10:48 pm

    I’ve always believed that “public humiliation” when used in the right context,was a good crime deterrent. I firmly believe that ANYONE who stoops as low to publicly humiliate someone just because they can,is more dangerous than an armed robber. A robber could be just desperate…someone doing this is very mentally unstable…and a danger. I’m sure it won’t be long when this guy will take a cue from other internet bullies and post her pictures all over the web.
    When we cease to be bothered by humilating someone,we become sub human and need to be institututionalised for a long time. Hope he is kept away from computers and the public.

  2. September 29, 2006 at 11:30 pm

    It didn’t really surprise me when I read that he had been previously convicted on a prior crime against a woman. Anyone who would attempt to subject any woman to such public humiliation, has a ‘problem’.

  3. Joe said,

    January 10, 2008 at 5:44 am

    Public humiliation should never be acceptable in any form (even as a crime deterrent). We are supposed to be civilized, yet public shaming and humiliation (especially of males) is, for some strange reason, socially acceptable and not a “problem”. Society sees abuse as a one way street, but men are victims of abuse by females probably to a greater extent when we talk about public humiliation, since maleness is looked down upon in our society. Part of that is because men are shamed into silence in regards to our views (since they are considered dirty and bad), yet women are free to say anything without fear of being looked down upon.

    Humiliating someone is ABUSE, even if the abusers are the courts, government, or the media. Humiliation eats directly into the soul of a person and WILL scar that person for life, especially if it is public humiliation.

    So, throwing your partners belongings out the window because they hurt you is public shaming and IS ABUSE!!!

  4. January 10, 2008 at 6:00 am

    To some extent Joe, I have to agree with you. Throwing a partners belongings out a window is a type of public humiliation. And police should be called for that behavior and if they determine some crime has been committed the person should be arrested.

    However, to publicize very private pictures is a different type of humiliation. There is a possibility that some of those pictures got away, they may have blown into some child’s yard. The recipenent may have objected (and evidently did since there was a complaint) A sexual predator could have obtained the pictures and decided to locate the victim. And the humiliation is also more personal, given the pictures were probably only shown to the male in a moment of trust and the pictures were of a very personal and private nature.

    I guess the only thing I could compare it to for a man would be to use your example and if the partner had known that the other partner liked to dress in women’s clothing during personal moments and she put those out with a big sign telling who they belonged to. Or took nude pictures of the male to a gay bar and passed them out.

  5. chanda said,

    February 14, 2008 at 11:47 pm

    what do u do if a teacher calls a student a slut, she says a whole bunch of rude comments and makes the studdent cry (balling) but then says the students suspended or expelled 4 wearing a Vneck top???

  6. February 15, 2008 at 12:41 am

    Name calling is not something a teacher should do and would be humiliating for the student.
    My advice for the best thing to do would be to tell a parent and give that parent the names of any witnesses to the situation. That parent can then talk to the principal.
    If no parent in the group is willing, then the student involved should take any witnesses with them to the principal’s office and talk to the principal. If unable to see the principal, then write down what happened while keeping it honest, give details on what was said and to whom by all parties- give a copy to the principal and one to a guidance counselor. Have witnesses sign the statement.

  7. Sophia said,

    October 13, 2008 at 3:09 pm


    I’ve lived with a couple last year, my first year in uni. her boyfriend took into me (?), he tried to flirt and show off. Every time she would notice anything he would say it’s all in her head. I tried to dress more clothes and almost never speak to him. She was my friend, even though being younger, i am a mature student. He would also upset her quite often and she would complain to me about him. He would excuse himself quite often by saying he had a long day at work. I don’t know how she couldn’t see it. When i just moved in he made a joke that he would go into my room and sniff everything. how horrible is that? anyway, the real problem arised is when i gave away to anna, that he was lying to her about his feelings when they’ve met. this he told me on the second week when i came to live with me, i was still trying to be friendly then. Then when i told her, he told me she was not he’s type and that he got together with her since it was convenient for him, also he made a joke that same conversation that he would sleep with me. I only said to her that he said it was convenient to him. there was lot’s of crying of course, i didn’t know to do. i didn’t really mean it. yet i felt like i was in between too. i tried to say maybe he was showing off or something. then he came from work and they had a serious conversation and she came back to me saying lets just forget about it. i said i want to move away, but i was living there illegally (something i never done before, never will again) and they needed the extra time. The problem was that it was just before the exams. Well after he didn’t jsut forget about it. They blamed everything on me and picked on me. i ended up not taking the exam and feeling as humiliated as anyone. i hate them both so much. he turned everything around so that she was angry with me. i had to move away, they told me if you won’t find a place to live you can go to the hostel. of course he already had his exams and she only had two. i had four, and i was stressed…

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