They picked her up late on Tuesday night. It is not being said why or how they managed to get her to go with them. But somehow Aquendius Landry, 28, and Larmatina Landry, 24, managed to get her to go.

They took her to a remote area, and there they drenched her with a liquid- thought to be gasoline. Then they set a flame to the liquid.

How she came to be found has not been released. But they say she is still alive, though it is not known if she will surive. She is reported to be burned over 60% of her body. Reportedly severe burns, “from the tip of her scalp all the way down to the upper part of her thighs.”

Her name is not being released. Neither is the hospital she was transferred to, after treatment in the community hospital. It isn’t clear how she came to be taken to the hospital, but I have read that hospital officals are the ones who notified the sheriff’s dept. of her condition.

Aquendius Landry was reportedly her ex-boyfriend and the father of her two children. Larmatina Landry is his brother. Reportedly this isn’t the first episode of violence with this particular couple. According to the sheriff the couple had been together for several years and had a “stormy” relationship. There had been other reports, and Landry had been arrested before. But “We’re talking about classic domestic violence,” “He would get away with things because she would drop the charges or not testify for prosecutors.”

Aquendius Landry and Larmatina Landry have both been charged with 1 count of attempted murder each. The sheriff says he will request a high bond due to the severity of the crime and that if she doesn’t survive, charges will be changed accordingly.

Just to clarify what exactly is meant by 60 % of the body I looked it up. In estimating the extent of a burn, they use what is called the rule of 9’s.

The front and back of the head and neck= 9%

The front and back of one hand and arm= 9%

The chest= 9%

The stomach= 9%

The upper back= 9%

The lower back= 9%

The front and back of each leg= 18%

The groin area= 1%

Total equals 100%

60% of her body burned means that from her thighs up, she has burns. It means risk of infection is extremely high. Risk that her body will go into shock and fail is extremely high. If she survives, it means months or possibly years of pain and repeated surgeries. It means that she will be covered in scar tissue. It means that she will have to begin at the very beginning- relearning to feed herself, dress herself, and walk. And more pain.

She won’t be available to her children, unless someone is able to arrange hospital visits. So if she surives, her children will still be virtually orphans, at least until she is able to care for herself and them again.

Their father won’t be able to care for them. He will be in jail awaiting trial for a while. If convicted, it will be prison. So at this point they are virtually orphans, though they have two livng parents at this time.

After an abusive episode, many women in the “classic domestic violence” syndrome don’t prosecute. Many do not understand that. They often live feeling totally powerless, all decisions are made by the abusive partner or subject to the approval of the abusive partner. Often that means all decisions- from what they wear, who they talk to, what they have for supper, and what time they go to bed.

After time passes and every minor decision being colored by what the abusive partner would want and what will happen if they don’t guess correctly….they forget how to make decisions on their own. Frequently they feel totally powerless. So powerless that they do not recognize that when they follow through with prosecution they have the power. Or if they do recognize it, they don’t know how to think and use that power without the thought of “what will the partner think”.

From what I have read, they are calling this couple ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend. They talk about the fact that the children lived with the woman. So it sounds like just maybe she may have tried to make the break.

I wish she had chosen a shelter, to give herself a better chance.

And a big thank you goes to MagZ for the tip on  this one.


According to an updated article, the woman wasn’t set on fire once. It was twice. Reportedly the gas was dumped on her and lit. She rolled and managed to put the flames out. More gas was then poured on her and again she was set aflame.

Aquendius Landry  has reportedly been arrested for domestic violence 7 times since 1999, all involving the same victim. Landry was convicted of simple battery and domestic abuse battery twice, once in 2004 and once in 2005, but it is said that he never spent any significant time in jail, as the sentence was most likely no more than 30 days or he may have been ordered to pay a fine. None of the previous convictions rose to a felony level.


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  1. MagZ said,

    September 29, 2006 at 10:58 pm

    “Classic DV”…dont’cha love THAT one. When it is going to be mandetory prosecution so the the victim won’t back out?
    Now,I have a little creative stuff for these monsters while in jail,awaiting trial. Having done my clinicals in the burn unit ( which I begged to be transferred from ) I think these 2 need to be strapped down tight to a chair…their eyes kept open,and forced to watch what goes on in a burn unit…and turn up the volume. Then we’ll see how “manly ” they are at trial. They will be soaked in their own vomit.
    I am so hoping Yvette Cades family will reach out to this woman and her family.

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