It started with a threat

A worker found the partially clothed body of a woman outside an abandoned warehouse on Thursday Sept. 21. She had a gunshot wound to the head. Her identity was unknown. The only public clue was a tattoo on her upper left shoulder of the word Summer, written in script.

A family had been concerned about one of their members. They had found out that she left her children with someone and had not returned for them. They say that wasn’t like her. Then they heard about the body being found in a warehouse. They were contacting the coroner as the photo of the tattoo was being released on Friday.

The woman was identified as Summer Francis, 29. Family members had other information for police. They said she was in a 6 year relationship with Andre C. Pounds, 41, the father of one of her children. She had two children ages 10 and 3. And reportedly there was a history of domestic violence.

Reportedly Pounds had previously made threats to Ms. Francis. From a police report made on Feb. 3 “made threats to put her six foot under the ground and warned her not to call the police.” Also in the report it is alleged that Pounds jerked her off the bed and drug her into the living room” “ripped her shirt apart an scratched her on her chest and began hitting her in the face with his hand.”

Police are not saying led up to the murder, but they say they have a motive. Police say the couple was arguing in their apartment. Then they both left in the same vehicle, and Pounds returned alone.

Police believe she was killed in a different place than the warehouse, and her body was brought there to be disposed of.  

Family told police where they might find Pounds and he was brought in for questioning.

Pounds has been charged with murder, felonious assault, domestic violence, having a weapon under a disability, tampering with evidence, possession of marijuana and possession of cocaine.                                            

If he killed her (innocent until proven guilty, right?)  then he took the time to hide the fact. He dumped her body at an abandoned warehouse- possibly hoping it wouldn’t be found for a few days. Since it was also outside the home, he was probably hoping that it would help cover the identity of the killer.

It is alleged that the person who killed her, was a man who had been with her for 6 years. He had met her, woo’d her, lived with her, made love with her, and had a child with her. And it is likely that at some point he told her that he loved her.

Then he murdered her and dumped her like a piece of trash.

People say things in anger. Things they will probably later say they didn’t mean it. But even when said in the heat of anger, the thought is there. Will they, can they carry out the threat? Too many times they do.



  1. Vidalia11 said,

    September 27, 2006 at 9:41 pm

    If you ever read “The Psychopathic Mind” by J. Reid Meloy, it makes more sense. His mind is not hard-wired like a regular person. I don’t think he was capable of “love” as we know it. He may have had some sick attachments, people who could become targets of rage/violence very quickly. I’m very sorry for the victim and her kids.

  2. my kids uncle said,

    October 4, 2007 at 1:46 am


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