The Chase

A witness has said that Saturday he saw two vehicles speeding through his neighborhood. He says he followed the vehicles in order to ask them to slow down. Police say that witnesses have said that the two vehicles were speeding and running stop signs, and that it appeared that one of the vehicles may have been chasing the other.

The witness who followed them to the home has stated that there were two women in the first car and a man in the following car. Police say that one of the occupants of the first car was Wendy Dirk and the occupant of the second vehicle was James Dirk. When they reached a driveway, both vehicles pulled in and the occupants went into the home. The witness then says a woman came out of the home screaming and collapsed in the driveway.

He called 911 just before 4 pm. The witness heard a scream from inside the house then three shots, then as he was on the phone with 911 dispatchers, he heard a fourth shot.

Police responding to the home James P. Dirk, 50, and his wife Wendy Dirk, dead in an upstairs bedroom. An autopsy has been completed and James Dirk’s death has been ruled a suicide, Wendy Dirk’s death has been ruled a homicide.

Many nice things are being said about Wendy Dirk. She was full of life with a bubbly personality, a good friend, a terrific employee and salesperson. But among other things being said, friends have said that they feared something like this might happen. And they say that Mrs. Dirk was talking about going to a domestic violence shelter.

“She told me she wanted to stay someplace safe for a little while,” “She stayed with me last night . . . this is just a nightmare.”

Police say the other woman at the home at the time of the shooting was not physically harmed, she has not been named. Reportedly no other persons were in the home at the time of the shooting. Police say the investigation is continuing. 

I have seen where police advise that people who believe they are being followed in their vehicle should not go home, instead they should go to the nearest police station or well lighted area. In a domestic situation, a police station or an area frequented by police would probably be best.

It would also be advisable if there is a domestic violence situation to have a cell phone with you at all times (including at home) and to call 911. Another thing that might be helpful is  to do whatever you can to attract attention to your vehicle. Blow your horn, flash your lights, put your emergency blinkers on, whatever you can do to attract others attention and still maintain safe driving practices.

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