She kept going back

Her father says that Jennifer Huard, 26, had been dating Kirkman J. Cassavaugh III, for about a year and he has said the relationship was abusive. He says that frequently she would come home to stay for awhile or go to stay with friends, because she was afraid of being beat up. But then she would go back. He says that she blamed his abuse on drug and alcohol abuse, and that she never turned him in for that or for her abuse. And he says that two would talk and he would ‘coax’ her and she always went back.

Jennifer Huard was the mother of two children, ages 6 and 3 years old.

His son Jeremy Huard, 28 (some reports say 29), was a loving brother he said. When Jennifer went back to Cassavaugh, Jeremy usually went with her.

According to the father, Cassavaugh came to his home last Saturday and tried to strangle Jennifer in his driveway. Jeremy and a cousin reportedly pulled him off. Reportedly Cassavaugh ran up the road and was screaming that he was going to kill Jennifer.

Police say they recieved a call just before 9 am on Wednesday morning telling them there had been a shooting at Cassavaugh’s home. Police say they found the bodies of Jennifer and Jeremey about 100 feet from the trailer where they believe they had been killed about 4 am that morning.

Police are not discussing the motive or whether other people were on the property at the time. Autopsy results show that Jennifer Huard died of two gunshot wounds with one of them in the chest. Jeremy Huard died of multiple stab wounds, but also had multiple gunshot wounds.  

Mr. Huard has alleged that Cassavaugh “He was a drug dealer, and she liked drugs, I guess.” Mr. Huard has said that Jennifer lived with Cassavaugh off and on, police have said that Cassavaugh lived there alone.

 Kirkman J. Cassavaugh III was arraigned in court on Fri. on 2 charges of first degree murder. At the hearing deputies ended up protecting him from a family member who allegedly tried to attack him.  

The investigation is continuing. Police are still searching for the murder weapon.            

Now I know someone is going to come here and point out that she was a druggie. But so was Cassavaugh.  I do not know of anyone who doesn’t have some faults. And just because she was a user, doesn’t mean she should receive a death sentence.

Undoubtedly, someone is going to say that Cassavaugh had reason. But I have to wonder, what they could have done that was so bad that she and her brother deserved a death sentence?

She kept going back and she didn’t report any abuse. That may be true. And maybe she was going back either for the drugs or for misplaced loyalty or affection. Again I would have to ask, does that deserve a death sentence? Actually, that behavior is not uncommon in persons who are the victims of domestic violence.

He got attacked too. I don’t condone violence in or out of a courtroom. While I may understand and sympathize with the desire to harm him, no matter the family’s belief’s about Cassavaugh’s guilt, he does have a right to a fair trial. And our court system, with all of its formality and foilibles is the only system we have for determining all of what happened that night. I can understand the rage and frustration, in that he is being treated a lot more fairly than Jennifer and Jeremy. But while more violence may relieve some frustration, unfortunately it won’t bring either one back nor will it relieve the anger, grief, and anguish of their loss. Instead it would leave the family with no answers to their questions. Any relief gained from an attack on him would only be temporary and  could result in the family never really knowing.


Remembrances of Jeremy and Jennifer Huard and the memorial service.



  1. Kathy said,

    April 6, 2007 at 10:36 pm

    Jen was the mother of my nephew and my brother was the one who attacked Cassavaugh at his arraignment. Jen may have made some bad choices, but she nor Jay deserved THIS! Cassavaugh is sitting in a warm cell and receiving 3 meals a day she will never seeher children grow up! Cassavaugh also has pictures of Jen in his cell. I think that is disguisting! I guess this is America though! So before anyone passes judgement, these two were son, daughter, mother, grandson/granddaughter!

  2. April 7, 2007 at 8:10 am

    Kathy no one is attempting to pass judgement on Jen. And no, she did did not deserve what happened to her. Repeatedly going back, hoping they will change is all too common in a DV relationship. Sadly, for Jen- like with so many others, going back was fatal. And no it isn’t fair that he gets to live while she died- allegedly at his hand. But there is very little that is fair in domestic violence. My best wishes to you and your family as you try to cope with your loss.

  3. lisa gerlarneau said,

    May 12, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    Just a note about Jen. She came to my house and threatened to kill me and burn my house down because my daughters boyfriend owed her money. I did call the cops after she tore things out of the window of my house. I forgave her though because I believe in God and he is the only one allowed to judge. (and he will)

  4. Bri said,

    April 25, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    Jen was my mother’s best friend I feel so bad for her and her brother they did not diserve this. That man should be destroyed.

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