Threatening officers

At some point early on Saturday morning Julian Glenn, 26, reportedly called a colleague and told him that he had killed his wife, 25 year old Miosha Glenn. That friend then made contact with police.

Police went to the couple’s home and there they found Mrs. Glenn dead, apparently from a gunshot wound. It is unknown how long she had been dead. Meanwhile, Glenn reportedly tried to run his vehicle off a bridge. Instead he hit a guardrail. After striking the guardrail, Glenn reportedly walked into oncoming traffic and jumped on the grill of a stopped semi tractor. Allegedly Glenn then approached a black Nissan, forced the driver out of the car at gunpoint, and took off in the Nissan.  

Police then received a report that a black Nissan had gone down an embankment on the interstate, just across the state line. When they responded to that scene, Glenn reportedly ran toward the officers yelling obsentities and holding a gun. An officer fired his weapon in self defense.

Glenn was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Some reports say that it was not certain if Glenn died solely from the gunshot wounds as he was also reported to have been injured in the accident.

No officers were injured and the investigation is ongoing.

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