The day of the divorce

Reportedly Jimmie Darnell Dixon, 27, and his 26 year old wife had been married for about 6 years and they had a two year old daughter. The two had separated some months prior and had gone to court for a divorce on Friday.

Later that day the wife and daughter were reportedly abducted from a relatives home by Dixon. Still in the vehicle and caught in rush hour traffic, an argument reportedly developed over “domestic issues” such as child support.

Caught in rush hour traffic and with other motorists looking on in horror, Dixon reportedly became upset and pulled a knife and began stabbing his wife multiple times. She jumped from the car and ran to a deputy sheriff vehicle who also happened to be caught in the traffic a few cars from them. As she exited the car, she saw her husband turn to their child.

Reportedly Dixon began stabbing the little girl multiple times, and the final stab was with such force that it resulted in the knife being lodged in the child’s head.

At that point Dixon then reportedly then laid the child on the road and got back into his vehicle. He put the vehicle in gear and began to drive off, sideswiping a couple of cars in the process. When he reached the deputy’s car, he sideswiped it, and hit his wife. She was reportedly thrown 20-40 feet from the impact of the vehicle.

After he sped away, he hit struck three utility poles, and eventually rolled his vehicle onto the top of another vehicle trapping the driver inside.

Mother, Dixon, and child were all rushed to the hospital. The child has been reported to be in “extremely serious condition” with a cut “along her midsection and a kitchen knife lodged in her head.”  The mother is reported to be in serious but non-life threatening condition. Dixon suffered minor injuries. Some reports say that as rescuers were cutting him out of his vehicle he could heard calling for help other reports say he was heard saying “I’m sorry”.

Dixon was released from the hospital and has been charged with 2 counts of attempted 1 st degree murder, and 2 nd degree kidnapping, aggravated obstruction of a highway, and of course- violation of a protective order.

No other injuries were reported.            

Domestic violence is commonly called a “couple’s problem” both by observers and authorities.

This “couple’s problem” resulted in serious injuries to the mother, extremely critical injuires to a child, numerous motorists being endangered- including a deputy sheriff, and damage to multiple vehicles and utility poles. Not to mention the number of motorists who were inconvenienced due to the traffic tie up at rush hour.  

As he was trapped in his vehicle and calling for help, I just have to wonder if he had any thoughts for his little girl lying along the side of the road with a knife in her head and other stab wounds inflicted at his hands. Or his wife, who had been stabbed multiple times and then had been struck with his auto. Or the other motorists who might have been injured when his vehicle struck theirs. And there he was trapped in the vehicle he had wrecked, calling for help with his minor injuries.

Somehow, “I’m sorry” just doesn’t seem to be enough.

Thanks to Magz for the tip on this one.


The latest reports are saying that both mother and child are in serious condition.


Samatha Dixon is now out of the hospital. Doctors say the little girl is showing improvement, but that she is still in a medically induced coma and may be hospitalized for another 2-3 months. Samatha Dixon has said that Dixon is not the biological child of Dixon, but that he signed her birth certificate and had accepted her as his own.



  1. MagZ said,

    September 24, 2006 at 5:15 pm

    The older I get.the more I understand my Grandothers phrase:” Sorry fell in a paint bucket and died”

    Took me a lifetime to realize sometimes,sorry is totally worthless.

  2. September 24, 2006 at 10:05 pm

    My thoughts about the sorry were about the same, too little…too late. Especially when I read that he was charged with violation of a protective order, that means there were problems with violence before.

  3. Vidalia11 said,

    September 25, 2006 at 5:48 pm

    I think the “I’m sorry” is more to mitigate their own case, than actual remorse.

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