The Boyfriend

Reportedly Gregory Alexander filed for divorce last month. And shortly after the filing, his wife Tammara Alexander filed for a personal protection order. It was alleged in the request for the order that Gregory Alexander had threatened suicide and that he  had threatened to take the children if she ever left him (some reports say he had threatened to commit suicide in front of the children). Two weeks later Gregory filed to have the personal protection order dropped. The sheriff says that they do not have a record of any past complaints.

Just after midnight Tammara Alexander, 26, says she got a call from her estranged husband. She and the children were at the new boyfriend’s home waiting for him to come home from work. She says she wasn’t aware of it, but that Alexander must have been waiting outside the home. When the boyfriend Kevin Robert Johnston, 34, arrived home from work, allegedly Alexander shot him multiple times with a shotgun as he walked to the door.

Mrs. Alexander and her children aged 3 and 6, took refuge in the bathroom, and she called 911 to report the shooting. Deputies arrived 8 minutes after the call and found Johnston lying in the yard.

Then Mrs. Alexander got another call. She has stated the call was from her estranged husband, and that he threatened suicide. He said he was parked in a field about a mile away from the home. Mrs. Alexander heard the shot on the phone, deputies outside also report they heard the shot. Deputies found Alexander dead from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound, about a half mile away from the home.

Reportedly Johnston and Alexander worked together and Alexander knew that his estranged wife and Johnston were dating.                     


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