Who is she?

At this point not enough is known to actually know if this is a domestic related crime.

One suburban area which describes itself as “a little piece of heaven” unwittingly became a crime scene about 2:39 am on Monday. A resident found a mangled body lying in the street. Police say she had an orange tow rope tied about her neck, a photo of a couple lay nearby. And that a bloody trail of a mile or more led back to the interstate.

Autopsy results say the woman was alive when when the rope was tied around her neck and that she died of strangulation and severe head injuries.

Police have arrested a suspect. They say that 36 year old Jose Luis Rubi-Nava is the man in the photo, but they still haven’t identified the victim, and they say they don’t know if the victim is the woman in the photo, as the victim’s face was too badly mangled to identify. Police say that Rubi-Nava was taken into custody on Tues. night and is being held without bail on the suspicion of murder. Police have said that tips from citizens led to Rubi-Nava’s arrest after the photo was released to the public.

The victim is described as short about 5 foot tall and stocky, about 130 to 140 lbs. Possibly White, Hispanic or Native American. Her auburn hair was shoulder length or longer and may have been dyed. She had hazel or green eyes. For a picture of the couple: cnn.com.

At least one witness has reported seeing a vehicle driving with it’s lights off on Monday AM and it appeared to be dragging something.

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Again the woman has not been identified as yet. And while the description that is given could be similar to the woman in the picture, it could also be a description of innumerable other women. Also the exact relationship between the man and the woman in the photo has not been made public yet, though the postion of the man’s arm on the woman’s shoulder does seem to show some familiarity.

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Authorities are saying that Rubi-Nava confessed to the murder, to a spanish speaking interrogator.  

Friends of Rubi-Nava say the woman in the photo is his wife, who lives in Mexico. Friends and roomates believe the victim is another roommate Luz Maria Franco Fierro, 50. They say the couple were known to argue and that Rubi-Navi has hit her before. They have said that after he hit her, she would throw him out but that he always came back. They did not call them boyfriend and girlfriend, but say that Fierro was happy with Rubi-Nava and she was aware of his wife and children. One of the friends said she started to worry about Fierro when she didn’t see her on Monday morning.


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The victim has been formally identified as Luz Maria Franco-Fierros, 49. She was identified by fingerprints. A friend has said that Franco-Fierros once showed her a black eye she said she got from Rubi-Nava…..after she kicked him in the groin. Allegations made that Franco-Fierros was the one who started the hitting.


Family describes Rubi-Nava as a calm non-aggressive person and they cannot believe he would be capable of this. That he wanted to bring his sons and wife to the US to be with him. His children are aged 3-12. Others say he was very jealous.

Fierro was the mother of three daughters and a son who are still in Mexico.



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  1. Magnolia said,

    September 21, 2006 at 11:54 pm

    A close family friend and roommate said he believes the victim is Luz Maria Franco Fierro, a 50-year-old from the southern Mexican state of Guerrero.


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