Dropped Off

Reportedly witnesses have said that they saw Thomas Briscoe Jr., 34, and Monique Morales, 25, sitting in Briscoe’s car just before they heard shots.

Police were contacted and responded to the report of the shooting. However when they arrived they were told the suspect had taken the victim to the hospital.

Meanwhile at the hospital, a female notified hospital personnel of a victim in a parked car. A nurse went to the vehicle and drove it to the emergency room entrance where the staff began treating Monique Morales for a gunshot wound to the head. She was then transferred to another hospital where she later died.  

Police found the vehicle at the hospital, and they report there was a lot of blood inside. Reportedly a witness saw the suspect inside the hospital and overheard him calling somone requesting a ride. He left before police arrived.

Police charged Thomas Briscoe, Junior (I have also seen his name spelled Briscone) with murder while he was still at large. Late on Sunday evening, Briscoe turned himself into police. He was in the company of his attorney.

Monique Morales was the mother of two little girls, ages 6 and 3 years of age. The family has stated that Briscoe was the father of one of the girls.

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  1. alea chambers said,

    September 4, 2008 at 10:13 pm

    That was my niece !!! And boy do I miss her ,what makes it so bad about the fact is that he shot her over child support!!! What man would do such a thing just because he has to pay child support, thats his job to take care of what he made, no one told him to lay down and have a child that was his decision. Our family not his family and not any one else our family have to suffer for his actions !!!!!! Two little beautiful girls (my great nieces) Jazzlyn and Breanna cant even wake up to their mother because of waht he did . Both girls our now split up, one with the other father and the other with the aunt and grandmother, barely get to see each other within a month!!!! If i had to say anything to him right now, sorry for my language but it would be to go to he** he broke many hearts and ruined many lives !!!!!!!

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