And with an ax

Police say that Eddy Dorbignit, 59, and Tania Gell, 35, had gone out to dinner on Sunday evening when an argument began.

Reportedly the couple had dated for about 8 years, and had recently taken an apartment together. Allegedly Dorbignit left Gell at the restaurant and returned to the apartment. When Gell returned to the apartment, the argument began again and began escalating.

A neighbor has said that she heard part of the argument, but that it seemed like a quarrel, so she went to sleep about 10 pm. Other neighbors have said that some of the argument was muffled by music being played.

Reportedly the argument escalated in intensity until about midnight, Dorbignit picked up an ax and proceeded to use it on Gell. Gell received multiple stabbing and slashing injuries on the arms, legs and face.

When the attack ended Dorbignit reportedly transported Gell to the hospital then left. At the hospital, Gell managed to tell police officers what had occurred and she told police officers that Dorbignit might attempt to kill himself.

Police went to the apartment about 3 am but no one responded to their knocks on the door. Police noted a strong smell like gas, and noted an orange glow coming from a room in the home. Then they spotted smoke and flames.

While firefighters were dousing the flames in the bedroom a closet door opened. Dorgignit was in the closet with a slash wound to his neck and throat. He was taken into custody and transported to the hospital.

The building the apartment was in contained about 40 other residents, including some children and senior citizens. They were evactuated for a period of time while firefighters were putting out the fire, but were able to return to their homes.

Both Gell and Dorbignit admitted to the hospital in critical condition, but both are now reported to be in stable condition.

Dorbignit has been arrested and charged with attempted murder and arson. This is not his first arrest. Reportedly he has a history of assaults, batteries, and weapons charges dating to the 1980’s. And reportedly in 1984 he was charged for attempting to shoot a woman in a domestic dispute. He served two years for aggravated battery, shooting into an occuppied dwelling, and violently resisting arrest.            

3 am police are knocking on the door and evacuating people from their homes. With a strong odor of gas and an apparent fire, it is pretty apparent that in his attempt to kill himself the whole building of families was endangered.

Though Dorbignit has a long rap sheet of violent crimes, his family has told media they were suprised over what happened as Dorbignit had been staying out of trouble.

The part that always puzzles me- his rage was so great that he attacks her with an ax, inflicting severe physical injuries and psychological trauma. But then he takes her to the hospital. And that action is probably what saved her life. Then either out of remorse or a fear of returning to prison, he attempts to take his own life- and ends up threatening the lives of everyone in the building.

Thankfully she lived, but I don’t think I will ever understand.



  1. D.P. said,

    September 19, 2006 at 4:57 am

    It IS baffling, is it not, the mind of an abuser? First, red hot rage, hot enough to hack a “loved” one with an axe. Followed almost immediately by feelings of remorse(?) and a drive to the hospital. Upon return to the home alone, the abuser is filled with hatred of self (could be guilt, remorse, or just anger at self for losing control in such a manner as to put himself in the eye of LE.) and tries to kill himself. The clincher here, I believe, is the total disregard for the other tenants of that building and what his selfish violent actions might mean for them.
    I hope this guy gets put away for a while. He is a danger to many.

  2. September 19, 2006 at 5:09 am

    I think is such a huge part of why women go back to abusers. They recognize that the abuser does feel remorse, and somehow that translates to the victim that they were so sorry, that must mean that it won’t happen again. But sadly it does. They will probably be sorry again the next time, but not till after it happens. After a while it becomes such a habit, they may not even try to pretend remorse.

  3. Vidalia11 said,

    September 19, 2006 at 4:37 pm

    This man is 59 years old but emotionally a toddler or young child. This makes him extremely dangerous. A toddler might knock down his blocks and kick them around the room in a rage fit, but this guy can kill people in the same emotional state.

    If his family thought he had “changed” they don’t understand the nature of developmental problems where a person never grows up cognitively/emotionally.

    I don’t think he felt much remorse; it was more an attempt to fend off a murder charge and get sympathy for a suicide attempt. He did not care about other inhabitants of the building any more than a 3 year old would. In fact in his world of infantile persecution he probably wished to destroy everything around him.

  4. D.P. said,

    September 19, 2006 at 8:24 pm

    Excellent points.

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