Including the Cat

On Friday about 6:30 PM police received a call of a possible domestic violence incident. They responded and as they were walking to the apartment, a car driven by John T. Vincent, Jr., 36, was exiting the parking lot. Police stopped the car and ordered the driver out of the car. Some reports say he did not immediately comply, but eventually got out.

Police saw what looked like blood on the man’s hands. There was also a female passenger and a cat in the vehicle.

Police say the couple was in a dispute at the home and the man allegedly threw the cat against a wall then dropped a bed on it. Police state he then threatened to kill the cat and attempted to pull it from under the bed. The cat scratched him, causing the bleeding injury to his hands.

Allegedly he then turned his rage on the female, striking her with his fists, hitting her with the knife, and threatening to kill her.

Allegedly Vincent then ordered the female to get the cat, so they could take it to the vet. Police arrived just as they were leaving.

Vincent has been booked into the jail on charges of suspicion of attempted homicide, felony spousal battery, criminal threats, kidnapping and animal cruelty charges.

The female was treated and released from the hospital and police say the cat did not appear to be harmed.

Experts are saying that studies show that animal abuse is sometimes an indicator of other abuse in the home. Does that mean that everyone who abuses an animal always abuses the partner and children in the home? No, but it is a good indicator that those issues should be explored.

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