The Distraught Woman

Police report they received a call about a woman in distress on Fri. about 7 PM. When they responded to the call they found Barbara Ann Peck, 40, with two unidentified people. Police talked with Peck and she reported that she had taken an overdose of prescription medication. And she also reportedly told them that she had shot her husband.

Reportedly Peck told them that before she and her husband went to bed early on Fri. AM, she had gotten a gun and cocked it. Then after she thought her husband Russell Peck, 42, went to sleep she shot him twice in the head. Before she left the home, she shot him a third time.  She drove north and disposed of the weapon along the road.

At some point she then drove to the other couple’s home and allegedly took the overdose. Peck was taken to the hospital where she was treated and released.

At 8:50 pm police went to the Peck home and found Russell Peck dead in his bed with 4 gunshot wounds to his head. Neighbors have reported hearing gunshots about 3 AM on Fri. morning.

Barbara Peck has been charged with homicide. Police are not discussing a motive.                     

At times some people may think that murder would be easy. Take whatever action and it is over and done with.

But the reality is that it isn’t easy. Oh the action to kill can sometimes be fairly easy and uncomplicated. But it is the aftermath that is hard.

Regret over the action, memories of the good parts of the past. Maybe even a realization that it could have been handled a different way. Fear over being caught, possibly even fear about not being caught. Facing family and friends and realizing the effect that it would have on their lives. Possibly even a disgust with themselves that they could take another’s life.

Unfortunately, by the time they get these revelations, it is too late. By the time they get these epiphanies, someone they said they loved is dead.  

I am curious as to the motivation in this one.


Reportedly Russell and Barbara Peck used to go hunting together, and Barbara has shot game before. After the shooting she fled to a camp the couple owned, and that is where police were called. Reportedly the Peck family was close, and Russell was considered the life of the family gatherings, but Barbara didn’t go to the family gatherings, including the bicycle races that her husband participated in.

Neighbors have told the media that Russell was friendly and approachable, but though Barbara was petite, she was described as “Mean and intimidating”.

Russell Peck was the owner of Russell’s Contruction, a contracting company and Barbara Peck handled the finances for the company.

The family says the couple fought, and that Russell sometimes said that Barbara was moving out, and that he didn’t seem to upset about it. A neighbor indicated that Barbara had once indicated to her that the couple remained married because it was more convenient than trying to separate the business and the property. Neighbors report they didn’t call police when they heard gunshots, because they just thought Barbara was “at it again”. She was known for shooting stray animals and raccoons that strayed onto her property.     

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