On the way to work

Karen Allende, 40, was walking to work on Thursday when a man rushed up and began stabbing her. As she was nearing the shop where she normally stopped for a bagel, witnesses say that a man rushed up behind her, some conversation was exchanged and he then began stabbing her. Reportedly the suspect was then seen leaving by other witnesses who observed a butcher knife in his hands. Witnesses who attempted to come to Karen Allende’s aid say that she was stabbed all over, front back and side. A security guard who did not witness the attack, thought the woman had fallen in the rain slick street and went to assist, then when he saw the blood called 911.

Karen Allende was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. Reportedly in her belongings, police found a restraining order against Richard Allende and a brochere for a self defense class.

Karen Allende reportedly met her husband while he was in prison serving a 20 year sentence for robbery. They married after he was released last year. The couple have 7 month old twins together and Karen Allende has three other children ages 17, 12, and 6 years of age.

Police say that they had been to the home 4 times between January and March of this year. Neighbors have said that Karen Allende kicked Richard Allende out a couple of months ago, but some neighbors say that he had been seen “skulking” around in the neighborhood.

Reportedly on Aug. 31, Allende was also on her way to work when she saw Richard Allende follow her onto the subway. She reportedly tried to leave the train to escape him, but he followed and began to hit and kick her. She then applied for the restraining order on Sept. 7. A friend has said she was afraid, so afraid that she was even afraid to answer her phone. Police were at Karen Allende’s home on Wed. to do a followup visit on the subway attack.

Police located Richard Allende and took him in for questioning. He has been charged with 2 nd degree murder.

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Police visits to the home 4 times in 3 months. An attack on the subway, for which she filed for a restraining order along with an allegation that he was following her, and a friend who says she was afraid to answer her phone as well as neighbors who say he was seen “skulking” in the neighborhood. Nowhere did I see any reports that any criminal charges were ever filed.

A protection order is a useful tool for the purposes of prosecution and  experts often encourage their use. But the order of protection itself has about as much value for protection as the pamphlet on the self defense class that she is reported to be carrying. The class could have been helpful, but only if attended. The protection order could have been helpful, if each time he broke the order he was reported. But when a person is to the point that they must take out a protection order, they also need to  become proactive in their own protection.

A shelter may be necessary. If possible alter the work hours, change the parking lot used, change the route to and from work, use a different entrance to the work building. It may even become necessary to change the place of employment or take a vacation. Each person’s situation is different and their options for their protection will also be different. If a protection order is necessary, it is suggested that contact be made with a local domestic violence agency and that a safety plan be implemented.

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