He was 8

Anthony Maring was 8 years old. His mother, Heidi Maring has said that that he was caught in the middle of a dispute between her and her 30 year old husband, Doug Maring. She has said that she had planned to leave Maring, but that he left the home with Anthony.

Shortly after midnight police received a call telling them that Doug Maring was suicidal and that he had threatened harm to Anthony. Police spotted his vehicle and attempted to stop him, but he eluded officers.

Police say that he then crashed his vehicle into a utility pole, and fled on foot, leaving an injured Anthony behind. Police have declined to say what his injury was, but they have said that the injury he received may have happened before the crash. Heidi Maring has said that she was on the home with Maring at the time of the crash: “All of a sudden I heard a crash and I heard my baby crying, everything went quiet. They said he did not die from the car accident, my husband stabbed him in the heart.”

Anthony Maring age 8, died of his injuries.

Police believe that Maring may have stolen a green 2005 Chevy Malibu, with Illinois license plates 825  4607. The search has expanded to Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Maring is about 6 ft. tall and 165 lbs. is considered to be armed and dangerous.

Some later articles say that Anthony was not Maring’s son, but his stepson. Heidi Maring has said that she believes that her son was killed in order to hurt her.


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Anthony was a second grader. Administrators at the school says the entire school has been deeply impacted. They have 35 grief counselors who will be working with the schoolchildren and staff. An arrest warrant for 1 st degree murder has been issued for Doug Maring.


Waring is still on the loose, and family are pleading with him to turn himself in. Autopsy reports confirm that Anthony was killed by a knife wound to the chest.

Anthony’s mother, Heidi Maring describes her son Anthony:  “His bright blue eyes and beat smile, he’d get your heart every time.”

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Some sightings have been reported. Heidi Maring has said that Maring became suicidal after she had asked for a divorce, and that that at some point he sent her a suicide note in the form of a text message.



Police say they have found the body of Doug Maring in a parked car in a rural area in Illinois.

Authorities say they went to the area when a property owner said that he believed the car that was reported to have been stolen by Maring might be on his property.

Officers then found his body in a farm building on the property. Cause of death has not been released.

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She was 7

Alyssa Musselman was a 7 year old girl with a bubbly personality who enjoyed going to the neighbors to see his horses. The school principal has described her as a good kid and a great student. The neighbor describes her as nice and polite. Alyssa Musselman lived with her parents Frank and Amy Musselman and her little 3 year old brother.

Yesterday about 11:20 am, sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the home to investigate a report of a shooting on the request of Frank Musselman. What they found was little Alyssa Musselman dead of a gunshot wound, Amy Musselman with a gunshot wound to the chest. The little three year old boy was not physically injured.

Amy Sue Musselman was transported to one hospital then transferred to another hospital where she is reported to be in stable condition. Reportedly police interviewed her at the hospital and they say this appears to be a murder/suicide attempt with Amy Musselman using a small caliber rifle to shoot her daughter before turning the weapon on herself. Law enforcement believe the shooting may have happened several hours before the 911 call was made.

The sheriff has said that they don’t believe there are any outside suspects and that the focus of their investigation now is to find out how and why.




She was 7 years old. Likely her thoughts and speech were mainly concerned with the immediate events in her life, thoughts of starting back to school, maybe things like what her Halloween costume would be, her Christmas, when would she be able to go pet the horses again. Probably sprinkled in her conversation would have been phrases like ‘my friend says’ and ‘my teacher says’. Though children are born with their own personalities, it is about this age that they start developing their own individualty and separatness from their family.

Now she is silent. She was not given a chance to decide what she wanted to be when she grew up, did she want to be a wife and a mother. Did she want to have a career or a vocation. Replacing her sweet conversation will be ugly words, like coroner, autopsy, loss, funeral, prosecution, and courts.

Alyssa was supposed to be in school yesterday. Likely her absence received no special notice as children are absent from school from time to time. But today that empty chair will be the focus, as her teachers and schoolmates try to absorb what has happened. Many of those children would have had little experience with death. Some of those that had some experience probably thought that was what happened to ‘old’ people. At their young age, they’ve been slapped with a reality that no one ever wanted them to know. And they are receiving that reality through the loss of one of their own.

I wish I could offer words of comfort to the family. Yet I know there are no words that can be offered that will bring comfort right now. They have spent the last 24 hours trying to find the answers to big questions, like what happened, how it happened, what led up to it, and the biggest two- why it happened and why her? They will analyse every word and action connected to the family. They will cling to every scrap of information on what happened, read every report. But there are some things that just should not have happened and cannot be understood.

As usual, my thoughts are with the littlest. He is thought to have been in the home at the time of the shooting and to have been there for several hours before they were found. At 3 he would have been old enough to know that something was wrong, yet too young to know how to reach out to get assistance.

My thoughts and prayers are with the family, even knowing as I do that at times like this they bring little comfort.  


Alyssa is remembered as the child with the bright smile and the long brown hair. She loved her cat and she enjoyed talking about fun or interesting things that happened at home. With an easy carefree attitude, she had a lot of friends at school.



The autopsy report concludes that Alyssa Musselman died of multiple gunshot wounds.



Amy Musselman has been charged with one count of  homicide-open murder and felony firearms in the death of her daughter. She remains in intensive care with non-life threatening injuries, under 24 hour guard.

The investigation is continuing.

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Amy Musselman has been determined incompetent to stand trial. She has been transferred to a facility for treatment and criminal proceedings are on hold.