The Chase

Troy Henderson, 33, and Kim Henderson, 33, were married in Oct. 1995. And on Aug. 24, Kim Henderson sought a protection order. Reportedly Mrs. Henderson told the court that her husband had thrown her to the ground, kicked her and threatened to kill her. She also told the court “He has told me several times that he would kill me if I ever left him.”

She was granted the protection order, but it returned to the court for no service on Sept. 1 and was reissued the same day. Also on Sept. 1 Mrs. Henderson filed for divorce, citing incompatibility as the reason.

Allegedly on Saturday Mrs. Henderson was in a conveniece store when she was spotted by Henderson. Somehow that resulted in a chase with Henderson in one car and Mrs. Henderson and 18 year old  William F. Wick in a second car with Wick driving.

It is being reported that Troy Henderson fired into the car that Wick and Mrs. Henderson were in. That car then veered across the median, across the oncoming traffic and ended up hitting a tree. Reportedly witnesses have stated that the car was doing at least 60 mi per hour when it struck the tree.

Police then say that Troy Henderson drove across the median, and pulled up to where the wrecked car was sitting. Allegedly he walked up to the car and peered inside then took his own life.

Police are holding the cause of death for Kim Henderson and William Wick pending the results of the autopsy, so it is not known if they died from the gunshot or from the wreck.

Reportedly Wick had been a friend at one time and had even worked for the couple.

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