A Long Walk

Tuesday night Kevin Parent, 49, and his girlfriend Cheryl Tytula, 46, reportedly got into an argument. Parent has told police he went to sleep and Tytula left to go to a local bar.

Allegedly when Tytula returned to the home she began kicking Parent and he attempted to restrain her. During the scuffle Tytula somehow grasped Parent’s scrotum and inflicted a 4 to 5 inch tear in the skin.

Parent then left the home and walked about a half mile to the nearest police station. Allegedly he was bleeding freely when he walked into the station at 3:19 am. Police then had him transported to the hospital by ambulance. Parent received 10 stitches to repair the tear.

Police went to the home that Tytula and Parent shared, and had to use pepper spray in order to take her into custody.

Cheryl Tytula has been charged with domestic assault and battery, assault and battery on a police officer, and assault with intent to maim. Tyula has been released on personal recognizance. Police say they have been to the home several times before on domestic complaints. At least one article indicates that Tyula may have been the attacker before. 

In one article Parent reportedly told media that he intended to file charges on Tytula. But subsequent articles indicate that the couple have reconciled.

Parent has spoken with the media and indicated they love each other. And he blames the problems on alcohol. He has indicated that both of them intend to seek help with alcohol problems.  





Because of the nature of the injury, media coverage has been pretty much sensationalized. But the thing to remember is an injury occurred, pain was inflicted, and even some psychological pain as Mr. Parent has talked about the embarrassment he has felt over the media coverage.

I keep thinking about how long that walk to the police station must have felt. Dark and silent and with each step making him bleed more, and causing additional pain.

While male on female domestic violence is most common, female on male domestic violence does occur and some believe it is much more prevalent than what is reported.

It is often difficult for a female to admit that the person she loves gets violent with her. Now think how much harder it would be for a man to tell someone that he is being abused by a woman.

I hope someone refers this man to a domestic violence agency as well as to an alcohol treatment program.

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